Skull of Sartine

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So a question about the Skull, it has a +4 attack and damage bonus on it, is that a with ALL attacks I make with it (at-will, encounter, ect.), while it is in my possesion or does it have to be equiped? I have it equiped on the builder and it does not raise anything on my sheets. Is it just one of those things I have to add myself while playing?
Since the Skull is an Orb Implement, its +4 bonus would be added to any implement attacks you have, provided you are proficient with the Orb as an implement, and you have it equipped.

It is also possible that, since the Orb's enhancement bonus is variable (a high concordance makes it +5 and a very low one makes it +3), the CB can't apply it because it doesn't have a concordance tracker (because it could very from round to round) and has no way of telling what number it should actually be applying.
Ok, thank you very much for that answer, I wasn't quite sure. Thank you again. =)
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