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My party lost a few players now im trying to take over 2 rolls.
Currently im the party rouge but we lost our healer.
Is there a leader that gets lockpicking or even a dex based leader that can somehow get the skills needed? 
Theres always Dual-Classing, and you could use up feats to get extra skills.
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Skald from Heroes of the Feywild. They can forgoe using Int at all to take up a ranged weapon and use Dex instead. Fits perfectly with what you need a rougish type leader to do.

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Yeah. OTOH pretty much any class can pick up Thievery and Stealth. High DEX will HELP a lot, but for instance a cleric could swing it. Build a WIS cleric with a good solid DEX, make it an elf, then there's an option for using a bow (priest of Sehenine or something, I dunno). You can wear hide armor too, which might be worth doing. A straight Bard would work well too, they have a dex build. Artificer might be feasible as well.
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There's a feat that allows Artificers to sub their INT instead of DEX for thievery checks involving lockpicking or trap disarming.

So that's nice. 
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