Best Wizards Buffs of 5th level or Lower

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If you could persist ANY Wizard spell of 5th level or lower and can have up to 23 different spells active at once what would you use? I'm looking for good utility, immunities, and defenses to keep my guy alive. We have melee covered so no gish stuff please. 
Greater Blink and Greater Mirror Image are both good, especially if since the Mirror Images are illusions you can overlap them with yourself. Arcane Sight is useful. If you have as many as you want, cast Heroics a lot of times for lots of fighter bonus feats. If you have a decent Charisma, Ruin Delver's Fortune a few times is good for the boosts to saves and little immunities. Spellcaster's Bane or Battlecaster Perception are good to keep tabs on other casters. Ray Deflection is always nice, but if you're allowed then Friendly Fire is superior to it in every way. Draconic Might is a good overall buff, especially for Sorcerers, and Draconic Polymorph is excellent for combat, though you said no gish. Wraithstrike is brokenly good. Beastland Ferocity is good in case you've been hit unexpectedly and need to stay conscious. This WILL be banned, but check out Dweomer of Transference. It's designed to make it so that friendly casters can refuel your PP with spells, but very frankly, it makes you immune to all spells. ALL spells. Those are all that jump to mind at the moment. Cleric spells are often better for buffing than Wizard spells are.
Lot of exelent suggestions there. I already use polymorph, greater blink, greater mirror image, arcane sight, and ray deflection. didn't even know those others existed. Lots of brokenness there.
Heroics should not be assumed to stack with itself re: granting of fighter feats. Six Heroics spells should result in knowing only the feat selected by the last spell as the spell overrides itself.

Note Arcane Sight can be made Permanent.

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Draconic polymorph is just all around good. Do I get extra Hit Points from having a higher con with polymorph though? 
No, just a better fort save. Polymorph does not affect your hit points.

Fighter vs Warblade analysis The Lockdown F/20 iconic build
In the case of Create Magic Tatoo do multiple copies of the same tatoo stack? I'm wondering if a player can have 3 +1 CL tatoos active at the same time?
Bonuses of the same type or from the same source do not stack unless explicitly indicated to stack.