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As Nentir Vale prepares to say goodbye, as there are no mentions of it continuing into 5E, what final adventure would people like to see?

For me it would be an epic battle against all the major threats and the restoration of the Nerathi empire. It would finish the Harkenwold storyline, with the defeat of the Iron Circle in Sarthel, and then onto Adretia. With that finished in mid paragon heroes would be in charge of a new Nerathi league that seeks to start a Nerathi Federation of Republics, however our of the East the Karkothi come, As the heroes seek to aid the struggling new power in the world they learn of the Karkothi necromancers alliance with demons and Tharizdun to destroy everything that Nerathi Federation has fought for. The heroes must battle the demons on their own plane before they are unleashed upon the world.
If Nentir Vale goes away it will be a sad day... it has a ton of potential.
I'm already working on an adventure which will eventually take the PCs from the Nentir Vale to Sarthal, linking several characters to the thieves guild of Sarthal and the Iron Ring.

Also in my campaign the PCs met but negotiated with the Winter King, so he is in the mountains rebuilding his army. Eventually he will lead his forces into the Vale, perhaps allying with the Bloodspear orcs. I also am using one of the early articles on secret societies to have events linked through a series of necromancers, including Kalarel from Keep on the Shadowfell and the bugbear necromancer (name is escaping me) with the goblin tribes in Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale.
I never took my PC's to Sarthel, but I've always wanted to place the Howling Troll (Open Grave) in Sarthel, but have the vampires form an uneasy alliance with the PC's as they take on the Asmodeus cultists.

Also check out the adventure "Heretic" in Dungeon, I picture that to take place between the Vale and Adretia, it involves Banite Goblins and Asmodeus, another great "enemy of my enemy" the Bane Goblins who are wary of the build up of Asmodean Goblins to the south. 

My Nentir Vale adventurers began with Harkenwold, where they took down Nazin Redthorn but won his second-in-command, Tyranda Falkon, to their side. Then went to the Cairn of the Winter King, where they destroyed the King and convinced lord Faren to establish an outpost at his fortress. After that, they faced a cult to Tharizdun in Fallcrest and came face to face with the Abyssal Plague -I adaptad a Pathfinder adventure for that-. When the leader of the cult, a cleric of Tharizdun called Vadin Cartwright fled Fallcrest, they received a request from lord Faren to seek a town called Kiris Dahn and discover why no one had heard from it for 8 years -the Slaying Stone-. They met a brass dragon there and had it make contact with Dythan's Legions in exchange for future support from the Legion.


Now they are making preparations for the journey towards Winterheaven, for they received reports of unusual orc activity near the Gardbury Downs -Madness at Gardmore Abbey-. Afterwards they will learn the Iron Circle is looking for a forgotten relic from Bael Turah at Vor Rukoth. That will take them to Sarthel at some point, but when they return to the Nentir Vale they will learn the Abyssal Plague has thrived.



Well, since the Vale and beyond became a demiplane beyond the Ethereal in a previous game, that pretty much spelled doomsday at our table.  The only reason I haven't returned to the Vale (at least as DM) is I pretty much caused an epic RSE.  So, it's not that 5e's coming, I just didn't know where to continue from an epic (albeit downer ending) conclusion.


But ya know what?  Even in 5e, I'll continue to use the Vale (once I think of a campaign)!  When I ran 4th, I used pre-Plagues realms (with seperate continuity) as well as Planescape (utilizing various bits o' crunch from across the various plane books and beyond) just fine.  The thing about the Vale is it could be utilized almost anywhere.  We have plenty of lore and concepts to dabble with already.  Yeah, it's a bummer we probably won't get more, but we still have quite a bit to work with (assuming the Wiki is up and running again).  And while it wasn't my favorite setting, it's another entry into countless worlds of D&D for all to explore.

An undead spectre occasionally returning to remind the fandom of its grim existence.



Some good pointers for the fellow hobbyist!:


I am not giving up on Nentir Vale, mostly because I am not making the switch to 5e. My players love the setting, particularly those who began playing there, and there is plenty of stuff to draw stories from.


My current veteran group in the Vale is dealing with making it safe, thus restoring most Point of Light whithin and beyond the borders of ancient Nerath. In the meantime they deal with the Iron Circle menace, the Abyssal Plague and attempt to restore both Nerath and Arkhosia while fighting to avoid Bael Turath fanatics. In the end they may have to forge an alliance among those two restored empires while fending off the final assault from the Plague bearers and the Chained God himself.

We're moving onto 5e in November, but I'm leaving the Vale with a bang...


We started small in Fallcrest with the players doing some caravan work to Winterhaven. They ended up working for the Armos, the evil cleric of Tiamat who found a way to get them arrested.

After a prison break, getting caught up in a gang war (River Rats vs. Tieflings) and clearing out the catacombs behind the waterfall, they finally got to face Armos who was trying to free Tiamat with all the money he took from the farmers via criminal interest rates. They defeated Armos in a huge battle under his manor (with some help from Bahamut disguished as an old man), but they lost their party leader.


From there they went towards Thunderspire and cleared out the Maldrick and the gnolls. Kinda yawn.


Now they are level 8 running around Hammerfast about to fight the dragon in the mountain... 


Things are going to get crazy when I open the floodgates and the orc army rolls down the hills.


We never made it to visit Harken, the Winter King and so many other locations. Is anyone looking at running a 5e campaign set in the Vale? Once i get the Monter Manual I might take a crack at converting the Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale.

actually there is one mention of the vale in 5e, in the dm guide when giving examples of fictional pantheons and how they are set up it mention the 4e gods

falloftheraven wrote:
actually there is one mention of the vale in 5e, in the dm guide when giving examples of fictional pantheons and how they are set up it mention the 4e gods


I guess that it would be possible to run Nentir Vale games with the 5e rules and the 4e material.


But it would be nice if they put out the Nentir Vale Gazeteer. Maybe they could make it system neutral, so that 5e and 4e fans could both use it. (They might even sell some copies to old school fans or people who play Pathfinder RPG. )



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