Tomb of Horrors

The April packet included a beastiary for Tomb of Horrors, to support the release of Dungeons of Dread.

Dungeon 213 includes a DnD Next conversion of Tomb of Horrors.

The creatures in these two versions are slightly different in minor ways.  Mostly the XP rewards are lower in the Dungeon version, armor classes for a few monsters are slightly higher (Ochre Jelly is AC 10 in Dungeon, AC 8 in the playtest), etc.

While the differences are minor, I'm curious as to which version reflects the most current iteration of these monsters? 
Good question. I'll poke R&D and see if i can find someting.

Since this isn't a session report I'm going to move it to Playtest Packet Discussion.


Perhaps the difference is due to the difficulty designed to be with the Tome of Horror?
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