How does a thread get stickied?

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Do the mods just pick and choose the ones they like the most, or is there a specific process that the posters would have to go through?

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A game is a fictional construct created for the sake of the players, not the other way around. If you have a question "How do I keep X from happening at my table," and you feel that the out-of-game answer "Talk the the other people at your table" won't help, then the in-game answers "Remove mechanics A, B, and/or C, add mechanics L, M, and/or N" will not help either.
Do the mods just pick and choose the ones they like the most, or is there a specific process that the posters would have to go through?

you use the VCL request thread and if the VCL argees with you then it gets sticked

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It gets sticky if enough people find it stimulating.
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I do, however, have one last lesson on this subject. That last one? The only build in this post that can one-shot average opponents[by dealing twice as much damage as they have HP? I would argue that it is not optimized. Why isn't it optimized? Because it's overkill. Overkill is NOT optimizing. This means that there are portions of this build dedicated to damage which can safely be removed and thrown elsewhere. For example, you probably don't need both Leap Attack AND Headlong Rush at the same time. You could pick up Extra Rage feats for stamina, feats to support AoO effects, feats that work towards potential prestige classes, and so on. However, you could also shift our ability scores around somewhat. I mean, if you're getting results like that with 16 starting Strength, maybe you can lower it to 14, and free up four points to spend somewhere else - perhaps back into Charisma, giving you some oomph for Intimidating Rage or Imperious Command if you want. You can continue to tune this until it deals "enough" damage - and that "enough" does not need to be "100%". It could easily be, say, 80% (leaving the rest to the team), if your DM is the sort who would ban one-hit killers.
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 The general process is vaguely as follows...

 You sugest on the VCL thread that it get stickied...

 People either come along to shoot it down or agree with your proposal... Or everyone just ignores it...

 If enough positive noise is made about it, and the powers-that-be agree that it's a very useful and/or important thread...

 And there aren't already more than three or four stickied threads at the top of that particular forum already...

 Your thread might get stickied.


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I don't have any specific guidelines for which gets stickied but-

1. It has to have a "wide" "value" to the community. A thread about your own character or personal campaign won't do it. A list of all the monster creation contests would be better.

2. Stickied threads are not forever because -

3. We try to keep a limit to the number of stickied thread. Generally and idealy, 3 stickied threads. (Yes, I know some have more. As I said, these are guidelines, not hard and fast rules.)

Of the two approaches to hobby games today, one is best defined as the realism-simulation school and the other as the game school. AD&D is assuredly an adherent of the latter school. It does not stress any realism (in the author's opinon an absurd effort at best considering the topic!). It does little to attempt to simulate anything either. (AD&D) is first and foremost a game for the fun and enjoyment of those who seek the use of imagination and creativity.... In all cases, however, the reader should understand that AD&D is designed to be an amusing and diverting pastime, something which an fill a few hours or consume endless days, as the participants desire, but in no case something to be taken too seriously. For fun, excitement and captivating fantasy, AD&D is unsurpassed.As a realistic simulation of things from the realm of make-believe or even as a reflection of midieval or ancient warfare or culture or society, it can be deemed only a dismal failure. Readers who seek the later must search elsewhere. - Gary Gygax. 1e DMG.
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