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I'm in the middle of an exercise in simplification that may or may not see play.

I'm trying to round up the different "knowledge" skills into big groups, so that they are more usefull individually.

For example, I'm combining arcana, the planes and the "monster" aspect of religion and dungeoneering into one: Arcane lore
Geography,nature, the "spellunkering" aspect of dungeoneering and the survival skill all get rolled into one: Natural Lore

Nobility, local, history and the "churches and cults" aspect of religion all get rolled into one: ....I just don't know how to call this one  

(and come to think of it, "natural lore" is boring and not very descriptive, so this one might need to change too)

Suggestions would be very appreciated  
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Social lore. although its kinda dry.

How about heraldry or folklore?

As for the Nutral lore problem, what about something like natural philosophy/science/history? 
Natural history instead of Nature lore sounds good? Perhaps Sociology instead of Social Lore?

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