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I was wondering what sorts of off-the-wall campaign ideas people have had in the past, and if whether you implemented them or not? If so, how'd it go?

For instance, here're two ideas I had which, sadly, I never got to try out.

#1 Forgotten Realms: The Animated Series -  I thought it'd be neat to base a Forgotten Realms campaign off of the old Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. Using the D20 Modern rules, the players would create real world characters using the classes there (Strong Hero, Smart Hero, Dedicated Hero, etc). Then through a magical mishap they'd end up in the Forgotten Realms where they would multiclass into a D&D class and try to survive in that strange new world all the while trying to find their way back home. I would've taken the basic premise of the show, but none of the characters, although if I'd had the chance to DM then Venger would've been one of the few elements I would've taken from the series (a Tiefling Warlock, with a few alterations).

#2 The Justice Society of Faerun - This was an idea I had using the Mutants & Masterminds rules. Play M&M, but set it in the Forgotten Realms rather than the real world. And even better, have PC's who're based off a comic super team, like the JSA. The players pick the comic character from this superteam and then they devise a "Realmsian" version of that character. For instance, take Captain Marvel. The comics version gets his powers from a kind of pact magic where he has the Wisdom of Solomon, the Strength of Hercules, the Stamina of Atlas, the Power of Zeus, the Courage of Achilles, and the Speed of Mercury. When he says the magic word "Shazam" he's transformed from a mortal man into a superpowered being. A Realmsian version might derive their powers from Forgotten Realms gods, utter a different magic word formed from the first letters of those gods, and have a more fantasy look. Or take Hawkman. A Realmsian version of him might be a mace wielding Deva Fighter with Wings of Flying. Etc.
Not so much a crazy campaign idea that I've had, but one that just occured to me: I'd like to run a Forgotten Realms campaign using the Palladium Fantasy Role-Playing Game rules.

I always had a lot of fun using the Palladium rules for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-type campaigns, Rifts and Robotech campaigns. It would be fun to apply those rules to the Realms.
We had a good, long running 'Avatar' style campaign where we all statted ourselves then placed us in the Realms. It started with 3E and depending on the amount of books, video games, and supplements you had actually read or used, you got a Realmslore skill (which is used with Intelligence) which you had a specific bonus applied to it. It was different because I felt it was harder to role-play myself in these fantastic situations where normal people would probably get sick at the sight of a battle or run away as Flight takes over fight. But it turned out alright and we even converted the characters to 4E after about 2 years into it's circulation.
I don't know if this counts as off-the-wall, but it's certainly different. One of my current games paints Mulhorand's invasion of Unther in terms of the US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. A religiously inspired grand empire and allies bogged down in a bloody war with a much weaker, broken eastern country recently freed of tyranny but fractured between rival factions, tribes, and religious fanatics, and battling guerilla fighters, insurgents, and terrorists and foreign interference, while refugees flee to neighbouring lands, and all the problems and crimes of both sides. It doesn't actually require any changes to the lore, only the language used to describe it. I currently have my PCs hunting for Untheric Tiamatan terrorists at the Thulbanian Games in Chessenta. Bluespawn monsters burst out of the road to blow people up indiscriminately as they slaughtered Mulhorandi soldiers, while an assassin tried to slay a Mulhorandi general. Now, Greenspawn assassins are taking their revenge. I plan to do the colours of the Olympic Rings with the colours of chromatic dragonkind. :D

Every April Fools, I present to a novel new campaign model to my PbP community. Early on, it was an upgrade to 4th edition and post-Spellplague with the list of proposed changes (all my own) growing increasingy ridiculous. Players were ready to quit in rage. Another year it was a downgrade to 2nd edition and going back in time to 1365 DR, though everyone one got the joke that time.

Another time it was a Spelljammer game, done as a total Star Trek analogue, with logical Sun Elves and a proud Orc security officer and a dwarven engineer "givin' her all she's got, cap'n!". That got so many applicants I probably should have run with it.

This year, I did A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones, with the kingdoms of the northern Heartlands (Cormyr, Dalelands, Damara, others) standing in for the Seven Kingdoms, Alusair as queen regent and Azoun V as the boy king, Gareth Dragonsbane as Eddard Stark, with Sossal and the Great Glacier for the wildlings, and a Daenerys character among the Tuigan, in Murghom, Semphar and the eastern deserts. No interest, curiously. But it looked so awesome I wish I'd had time to run it.

Once I made the mistake of letting my PCs discuss what they wanted to be before applying, and came back to discover an all-girl circus troupe, with lesbian orc wolf-riding biker joining in. It was tricky to adapt to my plans, but a circus troupe is an interesting campaign model. But it didn't last long as the instigators gradually left.
I had a campaign late in 3.5 that took place south of the volcanos of Lopango, which is where the 4 Sons of Vyshan ended up. Lots of magic, demon and devil worshippers everywhere.

Another campaign was in the Sea of Fallen Stars. Entirely aquatic cast, made combat really interesting though was a pain to run early on. Ended with my party getting eaten by Dagon (though they did manage to banish him from the Realms, or at least their allies did).
Our Realms game dipped into Spelljammer and Planescape for a while, resulting in our reality of Abeir-Toril interacting with the current (at the time), canon version.  Needless to say, it resulted in the eldritch BBEG hellbent on killing everything non-cosmic (He's half-Yog Sothoth, half-Dalek, all terror!) being shoved into the 4E Realms, making things even worse for wear.  That reality is probably doomed.

Also, come Halloween, one of my buddies is transforming Lantan into the City of Rapture from Bioshock!  Lantan didn't sink, it just took a couple hints from Andrew Ryan and became an isolationist dystopia beyond the sea!  That sounds like a blast!

An undead spectre occasionally returning to remind the fandom of its grim existence.



Some good pointers for the fellow hobbyist!:

- I had a rift (from a plagueland) into the Gammaworld setting for awhile.

- I also used a lvl 100 dungeon in my LFR campaign.
Well it started out as my idea and as the player tumble along all kinds of crazy things are unfolding.  Almost, all of the Characters are touched by the Gods, Living or Dead (thus maybe alive).  It seems like they have upset or stirred up every power group they come across between Crimmor to Saradush so this week I have to put together a big climactic clash of the Night Barony, Shadovar, Shadow Thieves, Aberrants/Thralls, Cultist of Mephistopheles, and a couple of power hungry Nobles... 

Saradush is in bad shape after the Spellplague but there will be some crazy escapade (or a tragedy) by the players as they flee this city in reconstruction.  There are a lot of double agent NPC's right now, who are not sure if the party, who work in a Mercenary Company/Trade Coster, are touched by the Gods or if they have some artifact (which is both).  They are walking into a trap that every power group is about to head off.  They have and are also delivering Crates of illusionary guisded enchanted Explosive Ballistas War Heads to the Janessar Rebels who are aligned with the Weave Pasha of Almraiven against the Emirates of Skyfire.  There should be some fireworks in the next game even though they haven't yet made it to the Marching Mountains.  It gets stranger each week...

I've been mixing 3e, 4e, and Next game rules which may be fueling the oddness but it has been fun and crazy.

I am shaping this into or it is, what I am guessing, you might call a "Sundering Adventure".   

"Hell, every god forfend!"  Elminster Enraged
That went as crazy as I expected.  Two players brave and foolish players have now been captured by Shadovar.   These two heroes did allow room for the rest of the party to escape but the cultist summoner of the Pit Fiend may have been slain so heh heh heh.  Good weekly fun in the realms!  Wink  
This doesn't really qualify as off the wall...for a while now, I have been trying to codify rules for some of my favorite fantasy settings, trying to keep the flavor of each world so it is not just D&D with different in a different setting, in preparation for eventually taking a group of PC's in a jaunt through the Multiverse.  These include the MTG's multiverse, Earthsea and even Middle Earth.  I even started to turn the quest for the Lonely Mountain into a D&D adventure
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