Ranger and Rapid Shot

 My question is for the Ranger Class or I guess the Feat section. I was looking for the Rapid Shot Maneuver, Skill or Feat. Did you take it out of the newest Version ( 041113 DnD Next Playtest Packet ) If so why?...  If not can you send me info on it? As a DM I am trying to figure out if I should just change the one you have in the first play test packets or if you have a Updated Version?
It looks like Rapid Shot is one of the maneuvers from previous packets that did not get converted to a feat when maneuvers were done away with in the latest packet.

The closest thing I can find to replace it is the Death Dealer option of Ricochet that is available for fighters that use ranged weapons. It's not exactly the same, but does allow you to hit 2 enemies within 5 feet of each other.


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