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I had an idea when watching an episode of Fringe 'The Plateau'

The html link might not work so I've included a youtube link, or just search 'Fringe The Plateau start' in youtube, the first 3 minutes of the episode are a perfect example. youtu.be/KXYVhfBJXOw 

Someone who through the use of numbers and high calculations done nearly subconsciously is able to predict the outcome of numerous events to the smallest detail.

I was thinking a cool twist on this would be a Scientist of sorts as far as a background. Maybe a Gnomish "University Scientist" Mathmetician/Engineer who began to delve too deeply into equations, following the works of another, once preeminent scientist who was driven mad by what he found. This talented and gifted mind discovers a special equation or something. I was thinking a good term for this would be like The Prime Anomoly--anyone with a background in advanced mathmetics or something have a better idea for a name, let me know--and in this discovery finds himself glimpsing beyond the veil of causality and able to predict events to a greater and greater degree as he levels, finding those little actions which cause a chain reaction which could lead to a major change in how things turn out.

The way combat might play out for this guy is like, let's say his party is fighting a mob of bugbear brandits. For the first couple rounds his rogue is wondering why this sickly looking, geaky kid is just standing there, fingers twitching and mouth moving quickly thinking while bobbing and weaving to escape a massive hammer weilded by one of the larger bugbears , Man he's a weird. His mouth is quivering like he's casting some kind of incantation just like that mage. Except he never does anything! At least that gangly mage we had evoked a helpful fireball once in a while!. Meanwhile once the Prime Anomoly Pact Warlock figures out the equation, he smiles and then places an apple on the grounda  few feet from one of the bugbears. Then curses himself, meanders back and turns the apple on its side, smiles and peers around, before slinking off to watch from behind a tree.

The Warlock then yells "Stupid-Bugbears-say-what?" the one with the big hammer turns his way, his friend has to move out of the way of the big one's hammer, trips on a loose branch and falls, impaling his knee on the halfling rogue's dagger, flails after the halfing who jumps back, bumping one of the other bugbears in the butt, which cause him to loose balance, take a step, slip on the apple, he grabs for a branch which swings down and taps the warrior on the head, making him turn around just in time to notice the fourth bugbear was about to sneak up on him and stab him in the back, running him through with his sword and then seeing the now prone bugbear who had slipped on the apple, decides to finish his move with a cou de grace. The rogue seeing his opening with the bewildered big-hammer wielding bugbear, slips his dagger between his ribs, dropping him like a giant sack of potatos and then the fighter makes quick work of the one who was crippled earlier.

With nothing more than an apple and an esoteric advanced calculation, the warlock indirectly taunted the largest bugbear, saw to it another was crippled, knocked a third prone kept the warrior from being backstabbed, gave the warrior an initiative bonust to attack first, positioned one of bugbears close enough for the warrior's cleave and in his taunting the bugbear, gave combat advantage to the rogue for a sneak attack. 

The warlock smiles at his party, who are all completely confused and sauntering over from behind the tree, sweeps up his apple, dusts it off and proceeds to take a triumphant bite.

 That would be an example of how everything might play out. He would basically be a Int based Warlock with a Calculation pact would be the plan. I think the role would most likely be controller based, doing things like sliding squares, granting combat advantage, crippling, negatives/bonuses to attack rolls, denying criticals or making critical fumbles worse. Giving circumstance-bonuses and negatives. 

These would all be the types of things he would do. being that warlocks get curses, which would make sense for this guy to use and the way his abilities are gotten, which is basically through the continued use of a special equation, he could be said to have a pact with it. Heck, it might even prove to be some kind of consciousness of some kind. It would be alot of fun to roleplay and even more fun for the GM to describe the events which lead up to a particular encounter or daily ability effect.

It would be as if the entire encounter was a Rube Goldberg Machine for this character who when he has understood how it works, can place all the complex pieces into positions and put in just the right impetus to set it all off. 

Anyhow, it's a great concept, what I need help with is working on the mechanics.

Ideally he would have some flavor of this, but not be too masively over-powered at first level. He would become more and more able to understand the mechanics of the world around him as he levels. He would have the same hit-points and skill bonus as a wizard, his primary statistic would be Int, secondary charisma and tirtiary dex. As I said, he'd be a controller role most likely. He wouldn't be so much an AOE controller, but more along the lines of sliding oponents and friends around, granting combat advantage and bonuses/minuses to attacks and defense as well as locking down opponents. I don't see him having the warlock's signature blasting ability as it doesn't really make sense but to compensate he has all these other things he can do. Also he would have some kind of modified arcana skill, as magic is scientific. 

Anyhow, I'm throwing it up here to hash it out. Let me know what you think.
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