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Me and my group are about to start learning DnD and our Dm is inexperienced with 4.0.

I'm wanting to create a Swordmage with the Dual Feat and was wondering if I could channel any of my abilities through my second weapon. The discription is this:

By spending 1 hour of meditation with a chosen
light or heavy blade, you forge a special bond with
the weapon. As a standard action, you can call your
bonded weapon to your hand from up to 10 squares
You can forge a bond with a different blade using
the same meditation process (for instance, if you
acquire a new blade that has magical abilities). If
you forge a bond with a different blade, the old bond
If your bonded weapon is broken or damaged,
you can spend 1 hour of meditation to recreate the
weapon from a fragment. (This process automatically
destroys any other fragments of the weapon in existence,
so you can’t use it to

But Sword Powers are Discribed as this:
Swordmage Powers
Your powers are also known as spells. You use your
blade as your implement, employing it both as a
melee weapon and as a conduit for your arcane

The Swordbond says nothing about the blade being my only implement and I can only use it for my abilities, it simply just states that I can recall and reforge that weapon if I am bonded with it while the  Swordpowers I just use my blade as a conduit for magic.
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Yes, there is nothing in Swordbond that prevents you from using other weapons.  Note, however, that dual-wield Swordmage is generally subpar as compared to a single-weapon free-hand style.  You give up two points of AC for very little gain.
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