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Ok, to be honest, I only looked through about 20 pages when using the search.  Most of it was comprised of the two ongoing creation threads.
Psychological trauma is this phase I'm going through right now, so that is what they will get.  Heeheehee.  Just not trauma of the player characters.
************UGLY SPECIFIC STUFF***************
The dreamer is actually an experienced Cleric who is now 20 years older than when he was adventuring.  He just started doing it again to help out a kid of his friend.  The guy is part of the company his friend runs, and this kid grew up around the guy.  But while he is regaining his lost powers, he is experiencing mental trauma from back when he first did all this.  Kind of an aged warrior dealing with his past.
I should mention that the party wont actually know whose dreams they are.  The guy dreaming will see himself as he was 20 years previous(and since the rogue is played by me too, he can't be a part of it).
Now for why I'm doing this: This is a cleric I made in a 3.5 game along with the younger rogue(party needed heals).  I said I would run an occasional 4e game to show them what this edition is like, and I don't believe in the dmpc.  I have the person who runs the 3.5 game using a pc in this 4e game.  Anyways, that's my motivation for this.
**********END UGLY SPECIFIC STUFF*************

I want to make a dream module.  As in, the dreams of someone, and the party will be a part of those dreams.  I draw my inspirations from the old animated surreal movies like Alice in Wonderland, some Cthulu stuff(dunno why), and usually put a mystical glint to it(religious undertones in this case). 
Abrupt scene changes.
Shifts in appearance of the dreamer.
Old trauma that is distorted to be worse than it was(like this).
Color bursts that reflect emotion in certain directions.
A skill challenge to repair the Dreamer's emotional state during a bad memory while being attacked by figments.  For example, a time when he was tortured.  Cut off from his god, and starting to doubt that his god existed.

Those are the ideas I have for it.  I'm just not sure what else. 

  1. I couldn't find a module that used the dreams of a single person.

  2. I know I'll need twisted versions of traditional monsters.  Maybe someone knows some pictures?  Deviant art examples?  I don't have a baseline for searching this.

  3. I can't figure out any monsters that would represent a figment.  I know it would be a half visible monster, obscured by time and fading memory.  But no clue of any monster that looks like that. 

  4. I'm probably missing things too.  So if you have extra stuff, please feel free to let me know.

Thanks for looking at this, even if you don't comment.

If you were to ask me off the top of my head what would make a good dream module: 

I would definitely specify that the characters are dreaming.  Something is keeping them from "waking up though"  

A dungeon, or labyrynth, would actually be good a dream space

I think the key to making it seem "dreamlike" is to play with movement and time - 
Sometimes - you dnt get the sense of traveling in a dream, things just happen you go from moment to moment.  One minute you're in a room, next you've moved to the other side of the room with no idea how you got there.
Sometimes, you're trying to stop something from happening and time just extends forever.

Flip perspective - make things small, or make things obscenely large.  Make items change randomly as people look at them.  

Make lots and lots of rolls charts for wierd stuff.

Just some "wierd stuff" off the top of my head.
1. The players find a skeleton of one their characters, dressed in the same armor that they are currently wearing (sense of time)  
2. An exit or entrance that the players just walked through disappears when they're not looking 
3. The player encounter a "reverse mirror"  - they can see themselves in the mirror, but the person that they see is slightly different (wears their weapon the wrong side, has a scar where they don't, etc)  (self of self) 
4. The player find a note, written to themselves, in their own hand, but they have trouble making out the words, or the words on the note keep changing. 
5. An object in the room (a desk with a bird cage on it) becomes something else similar when the players aren't looking (Jail cell, with a desk in it.)
6. An symbolic object goes through a change based  on it's inherent meaning.  A dog-eared book becomes an actual dog, or a book reading dog with glasses

I think if you do a skill challenge, it should have actual puzzle elements involved that the players can work through.  

Fighting off spirits or figments, really you can use any old stat block you want.  

I'd do something like if the players lose a certain amount of hitpoints or get bloodied, they have to reveal a specific fear that the never realized their character had - like the players are psychically peeled like an onion "relearn" or "re-experience" this deeply hidden trauma.  

Those are great ideas.  This is exactly why I posted here.

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