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Hey All,
My Warlock just reached paragon, and some major rewriting of the character is allowed.
Originally a Dark Pack Warlock, he is selling his soul to slowly transform into a dragon (or so he hopes). He uses breath as often as possible and I want to get into rebreathing; so I hope for some friendly advice.

Here are the non-flexibles: 
I am a dragonborn fire breather with primary CHA, and secondary STR/CON.
I must maintain Warlock, although I am now allowed to hybrid (and I can dump Dark Pact).
I have a Rod of the Dragonborn +2, so I would like to keep that (and any feats that are helpful).
So the only way I could see making a rebreather was a bit clunky and oh-so feat expensive.

Would you please let me know what feats/powers/paragon path (I'm currently eyeing Ninefold Master, but is there a better?) that I should take to make this build? I understand that hybriding is usually suboptimal and that staying warlock would likely make my character more resilient and give higher damage capacity, but I am really sold on the rebreather.

Please help.
Warlock|Sorc, HT Dragon Soul, Ninefold Master PP, Str/Cha. Nusemee's Atonement, Ancient Soul, build out as normal. It won't be as strong as a normal rebreather, but on the bright side due to the PP feature you'll be able to trigger curse and get Sorc damage bonus on your breath.
Huh? I thought I could ONLY trigger curse with Warlock powers.
Huh? I thought I could ONLY trigger curse with Warlock powers.

Alcestis is referring to this part of the paragon path's level 11 feature:

"Your dragon breath power is considered an arcane power belonging to each of your arcane classes."

That is, dragon breath will count as both a sorcerer and a warlock power.  So each round, you get your standard action plus breath, and the breath can have the warlock curse applied to it (while still getting the sorcerer class feature).
^That. On a Sorc|Warlock the F11 of Ninefold effectively makes DB a Sorc and a Warlock Encounter Attack Power.
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