I didnt get a activation email thingy

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what do i do? WHAT DO I DO?
am i stuck in limbo for all eternity? will i ever see my $10 again?
why has cruel fate done this to me and not you? 
Hi ChampionofNewerth,

The first thing you may want to try is checking your email account's spam or junk folder. Sometimes emails from Wizards of the Coast end up in there accidentally.

If you haven't gotten anything there, then the next step would be to contact us via the Help Site, which I see you've already done. When we've had a chance to investigate the issue, you'll get an email reply to your email account. However, you can also keep track of your question at the Help Site by logging in and clicking the My Stuff tab, then clicking on your question.

Hopefully we'll see you in game very soon,

nevermind i messed up on my application thingy
I've just purchased the game, but waiting for the activation code and wizards customer support answer for hours : Yell

I would have paid via Paypal if there were a warning about the latency of the other payment methods  Undecided
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