Sphinx's Revelation

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[C]Sphinx's Revelation[/C]

Sorry if this card has been discussed before, but will this card retain its value once it rotates out of Standard and into Modern?

I have zero experience with Modern, while having an average experince with Standard. (First attented Pre-release was Gatecrash and have been playing since).
I definitely wouldn't expect it to. It's nowhere near as good as cards like Cryptic Command. The Lifegain is extremely negligible and most games are over around T4 which is far too early for Sphinx. I think it'll sit around $3-$4 post-rotation for the sake of EDH.
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Thanks, with Modern there are so many cards to take into accout that it is a little overwhelming to become familiar with each one.
It's pretty good but I don't think it will keep its value. I don't think it will sit above ten unless american control becomes really good
A few pros were actually playing it in Modern, but I think it's only a 1 or 2 of in those lists.  I would expect it to be real cheap once it rotates.
Don't expect it to go below 8-10 after Rotation. That's the floor. Ceiling, I would say 15-20, but that would require it to pan out in Modern and possibly Legacy.

But it'll definitely drop. 


Many UWx decks run one or two, but not more. It will definitely drop, but not below ~5-6
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