5/14/2013 SF: "A Maze of Multiplayer"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Serious Fun, which goes live Tuesday morning on magicthegathering.com.
I can definitely confirm effectivity of "Debt to the Deathless" from personal experience. I was participating at Dragon maze pre-release - 2 headed giant. I was playing U/R and my partner B/R with splash of white. If I remember well, the only white card in his deck was Debt to the Deathless. It won us itself 2 games out of 5, we scored 4/5 wins and we won that pre-release tournament.
Everyone talks about Lavinia like she can detain any CMC of cards, but we're kind of in denial on that. In FFA, she's just not that consistent containing the most dangerous threat on board. I wouldn't mind her in combo decks if that's your thing, but I think you should always avoid easy, obvious, in-your-face game over I win combos as possible. The less possible it is to see coming, the more likely my group is to gang up on you for no reason (because we can't honestly know how long it will be until you break the game).

The gold split cards are not high on my FFA list (particularly Commander) because of their inherent nature, being three color cards.

NThief is not cool, just don't do it. Save it for singles. 
My group had an even worse problem. 3 players included notion thief in their decks. After explaining to them (and grinding the game to a halt) how multiple replacement effects are handled we decided to not play the card anymore. 
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