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Here is a Moral combo "Behind enemy Lines" active your creature, Play " Secret Passage " move to a square with no line of sight of any enemys, tap Use " Stealth. " At the start of your next turn place your stealthy guy in your start zone. BAM! Gain 4 moral!

Have 4 of each and you can get up up 16 Moral in a small deck. crazy good
No offense, but I'm pretty sure this idea is unlikely to go well.  Generally you want your Behind Enemy Lines dude to be a Dragon Knight and he's quite happy to just hang out there killing everything the opponent ever deploys (unless they are playing Snig).

Well that could be true. But Your not going to Just be doing it all willy nilly. In a 1v1 map, I'll go for the side closest to their other small tile and thats what secret passage is for. Move six to the other side and out of sight. It works pretty well, even if they just depolyed in there start zone. After you play Behind Enemy lines you get to move that creature. I use the drow blade master or the half-orc thug. And if situation does not arise then go for the Dragon Knight.
It's a nice combo, but requiring three cards means you won't pull it off often, unless you manage to boost your card draw significantly. Still, I could imagine trying to build a warband/deck around it.
Dex Adventurers?

Lots of blademasters, drow wizards, half-orcs, and human rangers (need dex to stealth)
maybe some priestesses for card draw, and kalteros for card draw
Instead of picking up 3 morale, you can pick up three cards... and then make 4 morale! BAM! 

Joking asside, you've got me thinking about going behind enemy lines with a blademaster with access to both quick jab and heroic surge... could be nasty. Or a half orc thug with heroic surge and quick shot... they might not spread their troops properly if they don't suspect a half orc thug, so the surprise deploy could be huge... 
right give the blade master the magic short sword , then vile of poison and quick jab pretty dirty too. I use that combo on my bugginbear mostly thou

Did it with Drow Wizards in one game recently. My Morale got up to 27 at the highest point. My opponent conceded after I killed a few of his critters. I used 4 Stalk instead of Secret Passage though, which I'm considering but probably won't implement. I'll post up my warband soon.
pretty dirty. I was putting 4 stalks, 4 spring attacks and 4 heroic surges along with 4 in to the frays 4 secret passages 4 steaths 4 quick shots 4 quick jabs among others they seem to get the job done.
The (tuned) warband I used, as promised.

Warband name: Arachnomancer BEL

Commander: Snig The Axe 

12 Creatures: 32 total lvls
3 Drow Priestess
4 Giant Spider
2 Demonweb Spider
3 Drow Wizard

4 Lolth's Blessing
3 Change of Plans
4 Beastmaster

4 Web

4 Behind Enemy Lines
4 Riposte Strike
4 Stealth 
4 Stalk 

2 Reinforcements
I like what you are doing. You got the cards down low. wish I went the drow route.
Yeah, the Spiders having Scuttle really helps things a great deal.  

I have a question about B.E.L.: It says you "deploy" a creature in your opponent's start zone.  Does that deployment needs to be at the end of your turn (when you normally deploy)?  Or do you deploy that creature during one of your other creature's turns?  Because if you deploy it during one of your turns then I'm not sure why Snig needs to be there.  

So basically, what I'm asking is whether or not Snig is necessary for this warband; maybe you would benefit more from the +2 Speed that Aliszandros gives.  That way you wouldn't need to depend on having Secret Passage (and/or sometimes even Stealth) in order to make your trick work.
Snig's not for BEL. He's used for the other combo: Mid to late game, Stealth your priestess with a couple of Beastmasters and re-emerge at start of next round near to his creatures. Then deploy all your spiders at Refresh (Snig's ability) and attack them.

Doesn't work with Aliszandros. I know because a friend tried it before. This particular combo above is: Snig + Priestess + Beastmaster + Stealth (re-emerge at start of your turn, just before refresh phase) + Spiders (deployed at refresh phase).
Ok, good to know.
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