Dragonborn and Orcs?

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Just a quick question...

Would a dragonborn clan/really big tribe help orcs take back both of their land? If so would the orc leader have to be very hounarble and above average intelligence? 

Yes. Or no. It's up to you.

Cry Havoc!  And let slip the hogs of war!

Note there are also dragonborn who follow tiamat, the PHB description is primarily oriented towards player ones.

Honestly, as mattador says, its really up to you. Its not entirely far fetched, so you come up with some basic backstory as to why they'd work together.

Perhaps the dborn and the orcs fought eachother on this land for generations, and formed a grudging respect for eachother. Since their land was taken, and they cant do it themselves, they realize the other side is a perfect source of additional able bodied warriors.     
Flavor is mutable.  How and why any particular tribe(s) orcs and dragonborn think, act, and behave in your setting is completely up to you.
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  The primary obstacle would be the typical orc tribe's inclination to pillage and destroy without much concern for trivialities like alliances. If there's something atypical about the orc tribe, or the orc tribe can be bound in some way that ensures 'good behavior', or the dragonborn clan has some other means to ensure that the orcs keep their weapons pointed elsewhere, it could work out.
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