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Hey everyone! I'm playing a changeling tonight, and I thought it would be fun if she had to roll after every encounter to see what personality (and race, gender, age, etc etc) she becomes. Any one have any fun ideas? I'm going to make it so that even though she's only 16, she's got families and jobs all over the continent. 

So far I've got a snooty male-hating drow woman, and human who talks like Forrest Gump but is really insightful and is full of good advice, and a bearded dwarf woman who runs a mining company in Easthaven. 
Roll a d20

Make all even numbers Male; and all Odd Female

Then there is an old personality/quark chart for npcs; I believe it is in the DMG; I play an online game where the DM uses this method to generate random NPCS

Ex- rolled a 19- so a Female (check chart for what 19 equals) Who is a jerk alcholic (just example I dont have the list in front of me)


I had a Changeling NPC in 3.5 who was his own traveling entourage.  A rich female elven merchant, the bored male gnome butler, a handsome rake of a male human fighter bodyguard, and a ditzy female elven cook.  The actual changeling was a rogue that the party only saw as himself once, when they spotted him following them through a crowd.

I had ideas to play Kit as an actual character but never got the chance.  I may have to remedy that someday.
Like the above poster, I had a 3.5 Changeling who did something like this, with multiple identities around Sharn. Some of these were known to the group a private inquisitive, a harmless old dear who lived in the neighbourhood, etc. but some were hidden and run by the GM as apparent NPCs, like the journalist who hounded some of the PCs after they got back from big adventures.

I always though the fun progression of this mental instability would have been the Chameleon Prestige Class, where my character really couldn't use the magic / divine favour / whatever they picked up unless they were the "right person". But another player took it first, and made the DM hate it.

But for the OPs question, if you have access to the Internet during games then I'd be using any of the random npc generators you can find scattered around - the Chaotic Shiney webpage has a few good ones.
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