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I am running a game with a paladin who just tonight tried to sustain his Divine Challenge by using the power again, on the same enemy he had already marked. Can you override your own marks this way, and would this effectively prevent him from needing to engage the target if he keeps burning a minor action to keep it marked?

Also, on a related note, if a power requires him to lay down Divine Sanction on all enemies within X squares, and his DC target is within those squares, does the DC get overridden by the DS? 
Yes, you can override your own marks, but it doesn't prevent the need to keep the target engaged if you want to keep him DC'd. 

If, by the end of his turn, he doesn't engage the target he DC'd, the DC ends at the end of his turn.  Also, you can only use DC once per turn.  So there's no way he can make the DC last beyond the end of his turn unless he engages the target on his turn.  The DC will last as long as he always engages the target before the end of each of his turns unless he uses DC on someone else, so if he wants to keep the same creature DC'd he doesn't have to do anything other than keep it engaged.

For the DS, yes, if he DS's a target that he previously had DC'd, they DS overrides the DC because it's a mark and a new mark always overrides a previous mark.

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