New Player Looking For D&D onlinle group. EST. Prefer 3.5e Any day of the week, at certain times.

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I`ve been interested in playing Dungeons and Dragons for a long time, but never found anyone to play in real life. I have the 3.5e core rule books and would love to start playing.

I`ve played most of the DnD pc games that are available but have always been interested in the pen and paper version. I played the starter set once or twice with one other person, but that is about it. 

I work 2pm until 10pm most weekdays and weekends. My days off change every week. So either around 11pm EST or sometime in the morning before 1pm would be best. 

I have an account on both rpgtableonline and rol20, but I am open to any other ways of playing. 

If your still interested:

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