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Man, that is some rough news. I sometimes disagreed with Wrecan but he was a good person who did a lot on this site. RIP Wrecan. 

Very sorry to hear  : ( 

Wrecan was a highly respected member and contributor of the D&D community and will be missed. My sincerest condolecences to his family and friends. 

RIP Mark "Wrecan" Monack

Montréal, Canada
@Plaguescarred on twitter

RIP Mark "Wrecan" Monack

@feetz_grande on Twitter

It's tragic that we lost such a good member of the D&D community, one of the few men who put so much into the game we all love and play. As a wise man said in a song though, "The Show must go on!" We will never forget everything Wrecan gave us and by Gygax, I thank him for that.
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I am deeply saddened by the news. He was such a contributor to this community and so many of us admired him and looked to him for leadership and inspiration. He is a model for how we can contribute to making D&D better and these forums and blogs a better place.

I hope someone will take up his series "Heroes of Blogging". It brought much needed attention to the contributions of others and encouraged more of us to participate.

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Just learned of this. I am very saddened to learn of Wrecan's passing. I had the pleasure of playing a PBP game with him under Crazy Monkey, as well as keeping up with his contributions to the boards; both his vivid roleplaying and the insight displayed in his discussions were a treat to read.

He will be sorely missed. My condolences to all his loved ones.
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Until you've had an in-law tell you your choice of game was stupid, and just Warcraft on paper, and dumbed down for dumber players who can't handle a real RPG, you haven't lived. You haven't lived.
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D&D should not return to the days of blindfolding the DM and players. No tips on encounter power? No mention of expected party roles? No true meaning of level due to different level charts or tiered classes? Please, let's not sacrifice clear, helpful rules guidelines in favour of catering to the delicate sensibilities of the few who have problems with the ascetics of anything other than what they are familiar with.
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Just a quick note on the MMORPG as an insult comparison... MMORPGs, raking in money by the dumptruck full. Many options, tons of fans across many audiences, massive resources allocated to development. TTRPGs, dying product. Squeaking out an existence that relys on low cost. Fans fit primarily into a few small demographics. R&D budgets small, often rushed to market and patched after deployment. You're not really making much of an argument when you compare something to a MMORPG and assume people think that means bad. Lets face it, they make the money, have the audience and the budget. We here on this board are fans of TTRPGs but lets not try to pretend none of us play MMORPGs.
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Adding options at the system level is good. Adding options at the table level is hard. Removing options at the system level is bad. Removing options at the table level is easy. This is not complicated.
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Something like Tactical Shift is more magical than martial healing.
Telling someone to move over a few feet is magical now? :| I weep for this generation.
Given the laziness and morbid obsesity amongst D&Ders, being able to convince someone to get on their feet, do some heavy exercise, and use their words to make them be healthier must seem magical.
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D&D definitely improves mental health; Just as long as you stay away from these forums ;)
You know what would be cool? 

That the next Player's Handbook 1st page says somewhere in the credits;

   Dedicated to the memory of
      Mark "Wrecan" Monack 

Montréal, Canada
@Plaguescarred on twitter

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RIP Wrecan
Ah!  this is Awful.  This makes me so sad.

Thank you Wercan for all the fun and wonderful ideas you gave me.  Thank you for loving this game so much.  You will be sorely missed here.

My sincere condolences go out to Mark's family.
+1 Mead (potion) of Remembrance ... to Wrecan.

Hope Traderjodie + children, get lots of hugs.

Here comes your 19th forums breakdown ... ohh who's to blame, it ain't 5E driving you insane.


Sad news. My condolences to his family. I was always glad to read what he had written on the fourms, and his presence will be missed.
OMG! I am shocked at this. I didn't believe it at first.
He contributed so much here and loved D&D.

Rest in Peace, Wrecan

Very sad news.   My sympathy to his family.

Never bet too heavily on tomorrows that might not come, always enjoy the todays.

It sounds like Mark did just that.
It's hard to imagine this place without him.  He's always been a pillar of good sense and goodwill in our community. I always knew to question what I was thinking extra-close if Wrecan thought I was wrong.
Seriously, though, you should check out the PbP Haven. You might also like Real Adventures, IF you're cool.
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