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From what I've read from his posts, he seemed like a cool guy.

From how much this loss has affected the community, he was definitely a cool guy who is surely missed.

It didn't take me long to figure out that if a post had Wrecan's name attached, it was worth stopping and reading what he had to say. Wrecan had extensive D&D knowledge and laid out his opinions in a lucid, engaging manner. My occasional visits to Unearthed Wrecana showed his analytical approach and the depth of caring he had for the game and his fellow gamers. I doubt D&D would have lasted 40 years without the enthusiasm, dedication and spirit of sharing that gamers like Mark Monack have had.

Yes, a dedication to him in the final product would be ideal, and after reading Mike Mearls' tweets on Wrecan's passing, I'm confident he would be on board with this.
We are all greater for having known him, even if only online. He will be missed Cry
I don't think I've been this moved by something on the forums since Foxface's car accident. To his widow: I hope that he didn't suffer. To him: Godspeed. 

"Ah, the age-old conundrum. Defenders of a game are too blind to see it's broken, and critics are too idiotic to see that it isn't." - Brian McCormick

Wrecan was cool.  I really enjoyed his debates.  Genuinely, I will miss him.  Condolences to his wife and family.

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Wow. Out of everyone here Wrecan was one of the posters I always enjoyed reading even if I disagreed. You will be missed and my condolences to his family.

I share this sentiment. 

If you have to resort to making offensive comments instead of making logical arguments, you deserve to be ignored.

Wrecan's blog was perhaps the main reason I joined this community, saying he is and will be missed is innadequate, he is one of those who worried when I went on a rant... I... wish the best to those who loved him.
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Wrecan was one of those people that even when I disagreed with him for whatever reason I respected his posts because his process whereby he came to his conclusions was always intelectually honest and his posting style was always polite and respectful (at least I don't remember seeing him not being so).  As someone upthread said WWWD - if I think that before hitting submit posts I am sure my contributions to the community will improve.

And on a more important topic than people discussing rolling polyhedral dice pretending to be magic elves and for what it is worth-  

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and freinds.  Mark Wrecan was a good Man whose presence will be sorely missed.  May he rest in peace.

This is sad news. RIP Wrecan and my condolences to his family.

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God bless Wrecan (Mark) and his family. We only have a short time to make an impact on this world. Let us take the best of what Wrecan represented and in turn carry the torch to make 5E the best game possible.
To Wrecans family, thank you for allowing him to spend time with us. He made many lives brighter. We all miss him already.
To the rest of our community, lets live up to his example of thoughtfulness and reason. 

Disclaimer: Wizards of the Coast is not responsible for the consequences of any failed saving throw, including but not limited to petrification, poison, death magic, dragon breath, spells, or vorpal sword-related decapitations.

Wow, that was tough to read.  RIP Wrecan, I will forever remember and miss your lizardman avatar.  When I saw that for the first time I knew that would be someone worth following.  Best of wishes to his family in this trying time.
That is bad news, condolences to his family and friends.
Very sad to hear this news, Wrecan was a respected participant on these boards, there is no doubt. We will certainly be the worse without him. I sincerely hope his family are able to make it through this extremely difficult time OK. RIP Wrecan and onto your next great adventure.

I'm about to go and meet with my group to play as I read this. I'm speechless.
There'll be a NPC in today's session, whose name will be Wrecan.
This one is for you, mate.

Wow... wrecan's gone?

I'll miss him. He was a great guy to know on these forums.  Man I've been gone from the areas he'd posted in for a while.

I think I can speak for most of the OTTers when I say he'll be missed.
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Woah. Dang. I found it odd when his haikus weren't showing up each week...

I'm really sorry to hear this. I always looked forward to the ideas he brought to any discussion. I'm a bit of a lurker, and it was often his comments I homed in on. He's done a lot of good for this community, and I'll miss his words. I hope his family and friends are gonna be alright.
I don't use emoticons, and I'm also pretty pleasant. So if I say something that's rude or insulting, it's probably a joke.
I'm not sure how to process this event. I find his passing far more personal and important than EGG's or DA's passing. Would it be wrong to call everyone to put aside their differences and seriously attempt to work together and make 5e a success?

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I'm sorry to hear this. My sympathies to his family and friends. He was a great asset to this community and will be missed.

5e should strongly stay away from "I don't like it, so you can't have it either."


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Yeah sorry to hear about this. He will be missed.
I am sad now.  When I first signed up for the boards, Wrecan was one of the main reasons I went from lurker to poster.  He was a guy that I wanted to have conversations with, because he was interesting, articulate, and always willing to read and consider posts made by anyone, whether they agreed with him or not.

RIP, Wrecan.  My condolences to his family.
The difference between madness and genius is determined only by degrees of success.
Much condolences to his family and his friends. Rest in peace, Wrecan.
He wasn't exclusive and was knowing the difference between a discusion and a debate.
I was a lurker for years, and people like Wrecan able to think outside the box was an encouragement for me to post and expose or support sometimes radical ideas concerning different levels of D&D, because even ideas we absolutly don't like can spark new ways to apprehend things.

He wasn't one of these useless edition war snipers only talented to bring out the worse of other posters, he was bringing something to the discussion, and wasn't rejecting different opinions by default when they were honest.

He will be missed, there's no doubt about it.

Rest in peace, Wrecan. 

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My thoughts are with his family and loved ones.
Wrecan was and will always be a stand up guy and a very respected member of this community.
"Now cracks a noble heart, good night sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."

RIP Wrecan, he will be missed.
I only just realised I started copying the tweets into the miike mearls twitter sumery tread, becouse nobody else seemed to be updating the tread.
now realised that wrecan was the one that updated it before I started doing it.
I've been on the boards for quite a while now and Wrecan's name was one I always looked for.  He will be missed.  My thoughts are with his family and friends. 
/\ Art
May you rest in peace, Wrecan.

Disclaimer: Wizards of the Coast is not responsible for the consequences of splitting up the party, sticking appendages in the mouth of a leering green devil face, accepting a dinner invitation from bugbears, storming the feast hall of a hill giant steading, angering a dragon of any variety, or saying yes when the DM asks, "Are you really sure?"



This is sad news. He was a paragon to the community.

I wish his family comfort and peace.
I haven´t got words. 

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I only just realised I started copying the tweets into the miike mearls twitter sumery tread, becouse nobody else seemed to be updating the tread.
now realised that wrecan was the one that updated it before I started doing it.

I feal so bad right now remembering how anoyed I was with Wrecan becouse he stoped updating the mike mearls twitter sumery tread.
No realised his last post in that tread was on the 17 of april
We are diminshed for his passing.
I have an answer for you, it may even be the truth.
Just heard. My condolences to his family. His efforts here will not be forgotten. R.I. P

 I posted on the other thread, but I wanted to post here too and thank you all for your words and tributes to Mark.  I have shown these threads to my daughters and it just lifts all our hearts to see how much Mark was respected and admired here.  

I was truly blessed to be married to an amazing man who was also a remarkable and talented DM.  I have never been a DM myself.  I thought about it a few times but always gave up when I started reading through all the rules.  Mark had both a head for rules and a wonderful  creativity.   but somehow I will find a way to keep this game alive for my family.  I know I will be coming here in the future for advice on how to be a novice DM.

My gratitude to you all,
I just saw this myself and read through the thread. Wrecan was someone who I never met in person but was an online aquaintance I respected and liked, even when we disagreed. He was helpful, wise, articulate all in all a wonderful human being in general.

Some things are trite cliches for the truth they represent, the following is one such, He will be missed. 

Mark was a inspiration to me and I'm sure many others. I wish you and your family all the best in these trying times. Please take heart that Mark was beloved by many, and that he had a profound effect on all of us, and we will all keep him in our memory.

On a more personal note: Mark reached out to me and my family when I was gravely injured in a car accident and facing death. My family and I were touched by his kindness and concern. In honor of his memory, and my personal memory of him, I'm reaching out to you. If you need anything, *anything*, at all, just let me know. I would do anything in my power to alleviate the pain you must surely feel.

Mark: Thank you for being a friend and inspiration. I'm gonna miss you.
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Mark and I originally got off on the wrong foot, but over time I think we both came to understand each other.  I hope that he would have considered me a friend, as I certainly considered him as such.  I knew something was wrong when I didn't see him online for a while.

As many others here have said, I always looked for Mark's posts, especially in the most heated topics.  He had a way of cutting to the heart of the matter, and at least for me, making the peripheral concerns seem trivial.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and children.  His pain is over, but theirs has only just begun.

The Lord bless you and keep you;
the Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you;
the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace. 

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You know what would be cool? 

That the next Player's Handbook 1st page says somewhere in the credits;

   Dedicated to the memory of 
      Mark "Wrecan" Monack 

I agree.

Wrecan was a voice of reason, someone who worked hard to keep "community" rather than infighting, and always saw interesting possibilities in even the least-thought out post. His passing leaves a huge hole in these forums that I think will never be filled. I will miss his humour, his calm, and his haiku.

I will personally dedicate my first post-playtest game of 5e to him.

In memory of wrecan and his Unearthed Wrecana.

I am sincerely saddened by this news. Wrecan was awesome.

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F-111 Interdictor Long (200+ squares) distance ally teleporter. With some warlord stuff. Broken in a plot way, not a power way.

Thought Switch Higher level build that grants upto 14 attacks on turn 1. If your allies play along, it's broken.

Elven Critters Crit op with crit generation. 5 of these will end anything. Broken.

King Fisher Optimized net user.  Moderate.

Boominator Fun catch-22 booming blade build with either strong or completely broken damage depending on your reading.

Very Distracting Warlock Lot's of dazing and major penalties to hit. Overpowered.

Pocket Protector Pixie Stealth Knight. Maximizing the defender's aura by being in an ally's/enemy's square.

Yakuza NinjIntimiAdin: Perma-stealth Striker that offers a little protection for ally's, and can intimidate bloodied enemies. Very Strong.

Chargeburgler with cheese Ranged attacks at the end of a charge along with perma-stealth. Solid, could be overpowered if tweaked.

Void Defender Defends giving a penalty to hit anyone but him, then removing himself from play. Can get somewhat broken in epic.

Scry and Die Attacking from around corners, while staying hidden. Moderate to broken, depending on the situation.

Skimisher Fly in, attack, and fly away. Also prevents enemies from coming close. Moderate to Broken depending on the enemy, but shouldn't make the game un-fun, as the rest of your team is at risk, and you have enough weaknesses.

Indestructible Simply won't die, even if you sleep though combat.  One of THE most abusive character in 4e.

Sir Robin (Bravely Charge Away) He automatically slows and pushes an enemy (5 squares), while charging away. Hard to rate it's power level, since it's terrain dependent.

Death's Gatekeeper A fun twist on a healic, making your party "unkillable". Overpowered to Broken, but shouldn't actually make the game un-fun, just TPK proof.

Death's Gatekeeper mk2, (Stealth Edition) Make your party "unkillable", and you hidden, while doing solid damage. Stronger then the above, but also easier for a DM to shut down. Broken, until your DM get's enough of it.

Domination and Death Dominate everything then kill them quickly. Only works @ 30, but is broken multiple ways.

Battlemind Mc Prone-Daze Protecting your allies by keeping enemies away. Quite powerful.

The Retaliator Getting hit deals more damage to the enemy then you receive yourself, and you can take plenty of hits. Heavy item dependency, Broken.

Dead Kobold Transit Teleports 98 squares a turn, and can bring someone along for the ride. Not fully built, so i can't judge the power.

Psilent Guardian Protect your allies, while being invisible. Overpowered, possibly broken.

Rune of Vengance Do lot's of damage while boosting your teams. Strong to slightly overpowered.

Charedent BarrageA charging ardent. Fine in a normal team, overpowered if there are 2 together, and easily broken in teams of 5.

Super Knight A tough, sticky, high damage knight. Strong.

Super Duper Knight Basically the same as super knight with items, making it far more broken.

Mora, the unkillable avenger Solid damage, while being neigh indestuctable. Overpowered, but not broken.

Swordburst Maximus At-Will Close Burst 3 that slide and prones. Protects allies with off actions. Strong, possibly over powered with the right party.

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