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Mark "Wrecan" Monack passed away April 21st, according to this blog post by his wife.

Wrecan was a pillar of this community from nearly the beginning, always helpful, always creative, always willing to speak his mind.  In recent months, he regaled us with D&D Next Q&A haikus and was a player in my Tour of the Editions play-by-post games.

He will be missed.   

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Holy crow.
Please pass on the community's sympathies to his wife and family.
Well, that's certainly sad tidings.  Wrecan was always one of the most thoughtful and articulate posters on this forum, someone I would have loved to see in the development staff because even when he said something I didn't necessarily agree with, he always had strong rationale and a level of thought behind what he said that was...well, it was refreshing.  There aren't enough people out there who are like that.  He will be missed.
Wrecan was the mightiest among us forums posters.  I miss his words.

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I am deeply saddened. As others have said, his passing is a huge loss to all of us.
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How horrible. Wrecan will be sorely missed. All my best to his family and friends.

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Oh wow this really sucks. He did a lot for the community. RIP.
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A sad loss for the D&D community, my thoughts are with his family.
I...I don't really know what to say. I hope he gets good rolls at the great RPG table in the sky.

(Don't mean to be callous, I just hope that wherever he is, what he liked in life, RPGs, etc, will be there for him to enjoy)
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Wrecan was, quite possibly, the best of us.   A man with wisdom and fun, with balance and moderation.  His blogs were loved, his posts here insightful, creative, and moderate, and his leadership amongst us very evident.  He brought so much joy and happiness to us fellow roleplayers. 

Remember Mark Monack.  Remember Wrecan.  We owe him that much.

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Damn I liked Wrecan. Really puts things into perspective.
Wrecan was so well respected and liked around here...  I never really spoke to him much, but I feel like I already miss him terribly.

I'm glad he found time to pursue his interests and live his life, and I wish only the absolute best for his family and friends.

...If there's anything we can do as a community, I dunno.  I'd be proud to help.

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Wow. That was something unexpected. My sympathies for his wife, family, friends, etc…
We will miss him.
Wrecan, you will be missed.
I seriously thought I misread this at first.  This is really sad.  I may not have always agreed with Wrecan, but I always agreed with his general attitude he brought to the boards.

Very sorry to hear  : (

Wrecan was a highly respected member and contributor of the D&D community and will be missed. My sincerest condolecences to his family and friends.

RIP Mark "Wrecan" Monack

Montréal, Canada
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There are not many forum posters I think that would be totally missed in a forum structure like this, my own self sadly included in that list, however, I think wrecan is one of the exceptions. I think I've seen him quoted in more signature files, and agreed with him more than not, and respected him in disagreement more than just about any others.

RIP Wrecan, you indeed will be missed 
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I am absolutely floored. He was a great guy, always articulate and with logical, well thought-out arguments. He will indeed be missed.

RIP wrecan.  

For those confused on how DDN's modular rules might work, this may provide some insight: http://www.tor.com/blogs/2012/11/the-world-of-darkness-shines-when-it-abandons-canon

@mikemearls: Uhhh... do you really not see all the 3e/4e that's basically the entire core system?


It is entirely unnecessary to denigrate someone else's approach to gaming in order to validate your own.

That's really too bad. He made a lot of really good contributions to the community here. Can't say he was always the easiest guy on the boards to get along with, but he always had something good to contribute, and pitched in on a lot of stuff. I'll remember him for a long time.
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Words fail.
I write eight-page long blogs twice a month and I can't think of anything to say.

He was always full of wise feedback. I always read his comments. More than once I read a thread just because he deemed it worthy of commenting on first. I valued his opinion.
I'd always hoped one day to bump into him at a Convention and offer to buy him a beer.

He was truly the best of us and the forums are diminished by his absence. We should all be a little more Wrecan.

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What Would Wrecan Say?

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I didn't have a lot of interaction with him, but the little bit that I did were always good posts and discussions.

Praying for the family.
Don't forget to check out Unearthed Wrecan and enjoy the man's work.
Before posting, ask yourself WWWS: 
What Would Wrecan Say?

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I've been thinking since this got posted.  Why don't those of us with fond memories of wrecan, go out and buy one (or more) D&D next player hand books and donate them to a needy kid in his name.  Why not just write on the inside cover - donated in memory of wrecan?  I think I will do this.  
My sincere condolences to the family. You will be missed Wrecan. Cry
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Nothing I can add that's worthy of the man.

I'll raise a glass, say a prayer more or less for his soul, and keep him in mind when I roll a d20 or write a haiku.


I do not know the words to describe the shock. I've enjoyed his writings and the discussions we've had here on these forums and blogs. He will be missed. My condolences to his family. RIP.

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He was published in Dragon Magazine.
He always provided me personally with constructive criticism without making it personal.
Even though I only knew him on the forum, he will be missed.
This was Wrecan's article in Dragon, published April 1st, 2013.

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All around helpful simian

This was Wrecan's article in Dragon, published April 1st, 2013.

Queen of the Interwebz Pits 

He also wrote Tutorial: Terrain Powers.

He wrote about his family a few times in his blogs. He's survived by his wife and three children, the youngest turns two in a couple months. I am saddened. 
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What Would Wrecan Say?

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Sad to see him go. One of the most polite, prolific, and insightful people on the board. Will miss seeing the lizard man avatar myself.


This really saddens me.
RIP . I always enjoyed reading what he had to say
I was just thinking I hadn't seen him on the forum lately. He was intelligent, articulate, and loved the hobby. What a great guy. Wrecan always put a lot of time and effort into making D&D accessible to new players, and had great ideas for veterans.

Wrecan will be missed. 
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That the next Player's Handbook 1st page says somewhere in the credits;

   Dedicated to the memory of 
      Mark "Wrecan" Monack 

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Rest in peace Wrecan. You will be missed.
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Wrecan will be missed

My poor attempt. 
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Even though I never met him in person, I feel great sadness at his passing. My condolences.
You know what would be cool? 

That the next Player's Handbook 1st page says somewhere in the credits;

   Dedicated to the memory of 
      Mark "Wrecan" Monack 

Yes, this. Condolences and prayers to his family and friends.
he made the game and these forums better through his hard work and thoughtful approach to posting.

the boards won't be the same without him. 
*plays lute and sings softly*

'Gather and hear about Wrecan, an adventurer without compare,
there's a spot around the fire, and we miss you when your not there,
your ideas they inspire, your presence we will mourn,
but worry not, for those you leave behind,
do not sit about forlorn,
we adventure on, in your name,
our goal as bright as the sun,
a quest that is neither meek nor tame,
but the eternal need for FUN!'

Ode to Wrecan
May 12th, 2013 
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Wow. Out of everyone here Wrecan was one of the posters I always enjoyed reading even if I disagreed. You will be missed and my condolences to his family.