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Hey all I just got back from a break with 4th and now I'm gonna be starting up a new heroic teir campaign and I want to use formorians so I'm leveling them down in the monster builder. All is well for the most part but if I export those files what can I use to read the files they produce? Follow up, is there a way to do this from a tablet? Or should I just print the monster stats I want out and cut out a bunch of stuff that I probably won't wanna do?
There is no real wy to do it from a tablet unless you grab a W8 tablet that can run Silverlight.

However, failing that, you can always use your tablet to control your PC (by using a service like LogMeIn) and have access to the character bulder that wy. However,, you need to be aware of the bandwidth you would be using that way. 
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You might see if there's a way for you to "Print to PDF" from the Print popup on your computer, once you go to Print them.  (I know I can do it with a Mac, not sure if other OSes let that happen.)
OP's initial question has yet to be answered, and I'd like to know myself.  How do you read .monster files?

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