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I am new to D&D.  I created a druid with an animal companion,  a hawk.  I have looked through the compendium and forums, but can't find an answer to this question:  The hawk has darkvision.  Does that allow me to see through its eyes in the dark?  If not, does the hawk communicate to me anything about what it sees?  If neither of those are the case, what would I use my hawk's darkvision for typically?  What is the point of the power?
Had to do some digging to find the Hawk animal companion, and it looks like its actually from the Animal Master character theme, not from being a Druid, so the Animal Master entry should have the answers you need.
  ...Unless your DM adapted the hawk as an option for a Sentinel Druid (which is the only druid type that gets built in animal companions in 4e).  Sentinel Druid animal companions actually scale in strength as you level, and are slightly more durable. They are technically summoned creatures (as I understand it; at the very least, if they die, you can summon them back by spending a healing surge)

If you got the hawk from Animal Master, you don't have any special method of communication, it's just a hawk of animal intelligence that you can give basic directions to.  It could be trained to alert you to the prescence of enemies with a screech or something, but it can't communicate anything complex.  Talk with your DM, but the Animal Friendship ritual probably gives some better guidelines of what you could do with an animal from Animal Master theme, besides the particular powers that Animal Master gives you to direct your companion.

 If you are a sentinel druid, then you can communicate telepathically with your animal companion within 20 squares, but as it has only animal intelligence, it can't communicate back, or understand complex topics from you.  You could also take the Beast Empathy knack which allows you to do very basic communication with any natural creature.

 The Speak with Nature ritual would allow you to ask it some basic questions, but takes 10 minutes to cast and only lasts 10 minutes.
  If your DM at some point gives you the Speak with Animals alternative reward as a "treasure", then you could speak with your companion or any other animal for 10 minutes per day.  There are a few other items and paragon level features that might enable better communication, but its mostly limited by your hawk's literal bird-brain.
As RisingZan mentioned your DM may have given you a house ruled character or made a character for you with out actually explainign what you can do and why.
However many special animal partners say that you share knowledge but not senses.
So you would know that there was a dude hidding in the shadows in the corner but would not see him.
Wich would allow you to attack with a -5 to hit.   

If it is just a pet from  animal master it's not special that way.
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