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So I had an arguement the other day with someone about this. Wanting to know a real ruling on it, probably been asked 100 times but cant search properly in here. So heres the question.

I do a burst or blast attack, the attack targets 5 creatures, hits 3, crits 1, and misses another. Doesnt really matter but whatever. According to the PHB it says you only make one damage roll for bursts and blasts. So if a crit happened wouldnt the crit be the damage roll and thats it, everyone takes crit amount of damage? Or is there a different ruling for this? 


When you make an area attack, you make a separate
attack roll against each target in the area of effect,
but you make a single damage roll that affects all
the targets.


No. Roll damage normally for the enemies who were hit, and only the critically hit target takes maximized damage.

Any target that was Hit but not a critical hit takes normal damage.
If you do half damage on a miss, deal half that normal damage roll rounded down to the targets that were missed.
For any target you hit with a Critical Hit, they and they alone instead take damage as if you had rolled the maximum possible on the dice plus the critical effects of your implement.

So for example, a 1st level Wizard with a +1 Implement uses Freezing Cloud against 5 enemies.
 The results of the attack rolls are
    3 hits, 1 critical hit and 1 miss.

For the damage, leaving out any bonuses other than Int and Implement:
The Hit enemies take 2d8 + Int + 1 (implement)

The missed enemy takes (2d8+Int+1) / 2 rounded down

The critically hit enemy takes 16 + Int + 1 + 1d6 (Magic Implement critical bonus damage)

   What isn't entirely clear in the rules is if you critically hit more than one enemy with the same burst or blast, do you roll the bonus critical damage only once, or do you reroll it for each enemy you critically hit.  It doesn't come up often buy my group plays that you roll the bonus damage only once and apply it equally to all enemies who were critically hit.

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Just a minor point to add. Even if you crit with a burst or blast, you're still making one damage roll. The reason for this is that you don't roll damage when you score a crit. You just deal maximum damage. You roll critical damage for magical implements, but that is extra damage and has no effect on the damage roll you make against the targets that were hit normally. So you make one damage roll against all enemies hit normally and deal maximum damage (not a damage roll) against the enemy (or enemies) that you crit against.

As far as I know, there is no limit to how many times critical damage from a magical weapon or implement can be dealt. You can crit on every attack you make in a turn and deal critical damage each time.
..."window.parent.tinyMCE.get('post_content').onLoad.dispatch();" contenteditable="true" />As far as I know, there is no limit to how many times critical damage from a magical weapon or implement can be dealt. You can crit on every attack you make in a turn and deal critical damage each time.

Correct - you would do the additional critical damage against every target in the burst or blast that you roll a critical hit against.
  The rules are ambiguous as to whether you reroll that extra damage for each critically hit target in the blast or burst, or if you roll it once and every critically hit target takes identical extra damage.
Since yes, the rules are iffy on this, and this has come up a few times in the past for our group, I give the player the choice as to whether he wants to roll crit damage once and apply it too all creatures that were critically hit, or roll critical damage for each creature that was critically hit.  Usually the Wizard in our group (the only guy it's happened to) likes to roll seperately for each monster since he's not much of a gambler and rolling for each monster tends to make the crit damage average out instead of being disappointingly low.

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