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Higher numbers are supposed to represent better cards, or better picks in a draft.

1.0 is defined as "23rd card if you have to"
0.5 is defined as "This will sometimes be sideboarded in"

In a draft, wouldn't you pick a card for your sideboard over a 23rd card? Give me an example of a 1.0 card, and then tell me if you'd pick that card over Naturalize assuming that both were in color.

Sometimes there is a continuum where a 23rd card could also be a sideboard card because it's narrow but not so narrow that you couldn't maindeck it. But some cards are 'sideboard only' and some cards are 'weak, but if not maindecked then you'd never side it in'. How can we compare those two kinds of cards?
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EDIT: Ah, yesh. Murmuring Phantasm is a 1.0. It's a card that helps you stabilize and blocks well, but doesn't advance your board state and loses points for being unable to block flyers. I would play it over a Naturalize in almost every scenario game 1, particularly if I need an extra turn or two to hit the mana required for my bombs. In a well-curved deck I would rarely play it.

A .5 is a sideboard card bc it works against niche cards/strategies/synergies. I would actually say Naturalize is a 1.0 in this format bc auras have gone up in value, and cards like Arrest, Krasis Incubation, Stab Wound, and One Thousand Lashes are all going to see a ton of play.

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The question is not whether you would play it over Naturalize, it's whether you'd pick it over Naturalize. You're in Simic and somehow you've been passed a pack with a basic land, a Naturalize and a Murmuring Phantasm. Your draft is going fairly well and you're not struggling to get enough playables so far. What do you pick?

If you pick the Naturalize you're definitely not going to maindeck it but you'll be able to side it in sometimes. If you pick the Phantasm, you might end up needing to maindeck it if the rest of your draft goes badly, but otherwise it's going into your sideboard and never coming out. 
That really depends on the Simic curve I have set up. If I have a lot of low-curve, low toughness playables, I'll pick the Phantasm every time. If I already have the nuts Simic deck I'll pick Naturalize.

No, actually. I'll pick phantasm almost every time, unless I've seen a lot of same-colored auras go by and can expect an aura-heavy pod. The issue here is that neither card wins you the game, they just prevent you from losing the game. Looking at it that way, it's not a complicated pick.

I found Carmen Sandiego before you were born unless you're Zlehtnoba.

I think it simply depends on the number of 1.0s you already have picked.   The first 1.0 is your 23rd card.  If you have a murmuring phantasm, you should probably pick a 0.5 "useful in context" sb card that destroys artifacts or enchantments or screws up graveyard shenanigans.   Or at least consider the 0.5. 

If it's 1st pack or something maybe you take a 2nd 1.0 late because you might move out of colors for your first one. 

Once you have 2 1.0s - the 1.0s that you don't have a sideboard plan for become 0s. 
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I'd just like to say I agree. I actually brought this up on the DLCR thread for Debt To the Deathless, which I consider a fine card, but I would much rather sideboard it in against slower opponents or controlling opponents as opposed to have it use up a slot in my maindeck (unless you get to 8+ mana in every game, it doesn't seem worth it in a single-player limited game to me).

I feel that what makes a card good in a sideboard is something very different to what makes it good in a main deck, and so to rank anything that goes in your sideboard as 'lesser picks' seems partially unfair. Granted, I guess the point of the Limited Ranking System is to justify what to pick first, but I'd pick Debt to the Deathless over, I don't know, Azorius Arrester (if they were somehow in the same pack) in a lot of cases, but by the Ranking System I would almost never put DttD over 1 when I'd put the Arrester at 1.5-2.
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