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Is there a max leadership of 25?  Playing Orc Chieftans and Lokar in a warband my gaming group has gone past 25 leadership in many games and have argued whether you can bring out creatures to that level of leadership.

Is there a ruling on this?

That's a great question, and I'm almost certain there isn't an answer to it anywhere official. Good job pushing the boundaries of the game, though.

I would lean towards 25 being the max level of leadership, but not for any particularly good reasons. They include
1. That's how far the counter goes up on the hero card
2. In DOTA/HON you max out at level 25 and stop leveling (obviously a coincidence, but this gameplay mechanic incentivizes you to stop simply trying to bolster your own power at a certain point in the game and instead go on the offense and try to end the game)
3. Capping leadership at 25 reduces the power of this strategy (assuming this strategy is very powerful already)

There is probably a better argument for allowing leadership to go up beyond 25, that being
1. They probably never thought people would get past 25, and that's why the cards are designed the way they are, and you can keep track on paper
2. In MTG your health can go above 20, and this game is probably more like MTG than DOTA or HON
The Orc Chieftan can add up to 12 leadership levels when they deploy. 
Lokar starts at 9 leadership and every creature can use Bone-Chilling Rallying cry to add another up to 8 leadership. 

Magic Swords and Vorpal blades make this warband very tough to slow down.

I'm leaning towards the max 25 leadership to slow down this band, but I hope we can get an official ruling or formal tournament rules that cover this.

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