2v2 Doubles One leader, Sharing moral and leadership

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2v2 doubles

 Each team picks one Commander. 

 Each player brings their own deck and war band.
 Each player on both teams has their own creature hand and order hand ( at least 12 creatures and at least 30 Order  cards )
 Each team shares moral and Leadership. ( Leadership goes up by 2 every Depoly phase )
 Each team can only have 4 of the same Order card between the two members.
     Sequence of Play

 1. Refresh: Resolve start-of-turn effects, untap your teams creatures, each team member draws one Order card
 2. Activate: Each team member Activates their creatures, one at a time, in any order they choose.
 3. Depoly: Increase Leadership by 2 and place new creatures on the battlefield.
 4. Cleanup: Resolve end-of-turn effects, draw back up to each team members Creature hand size, and untap your creatures.

   I like this because you don't have to wait for 3 people to go, till it's your turn again. starts off slow at first will build up fast real quick. smarter to bring more lower level creatures but lets them shine alot more.
I like the idea behind it. Cool
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