3.5 - Somehow gained 65 levels, DM approved. Need help.

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My character in a D&D 3.5 campaign, along with the rest of the group, levelled up from 10 to 75 in one session, and the DM decided to roll with it. He'd like the character's build so he can use the character as an NPC later on, and I am so overwhelmed with what I can potentially do, even within the campaign's book limitations, that I definitely need help deciding what classes to take.

I don't have my sheet with me at the moment, so here is what I remember of my character's build:

Race: Human (Damaran, Shapechanger)

Natural Lythari LA2
Monk 4
Warshaper 3
Fist of the Forest 1

Jotunbrud (Regional)
Improved Unarmed Strike (Monk)
Iron Will (Lythari)
Track (Lythari)
Weapon Focus (bite) (Lythari)
Stunning fists (Monk)
Deflect Arrows (Monk)
Versatile Unarmed Strike (Human Bonus)
Extra Stunning (Level 1)
Power Attack (Level 3)
Great Fortitude (Level 6)
Firey Fist (Level 9)

Equipped Items:
Ring of Sustenance
Boots of Striding (toeless)
Ring of Communication
Monk's Belt
Minor Cloak of Displacement
Periapth of Wisdom +6
Gloves of Dexterity +6 (fingerless)
Bracers of Armor +8
Hat of Anonymity
Robe of Blending

I'm thinking about moving him into more Druid-ish territories, because wildshaping into something with a ton of hit dice will probably be fun.

The books I'm limited to are the Core set, the Faerun books, the Complete books, and the Epic Level Handbook.
My character in a D&D 3.5 campaign, along with the rest of the group, levelled up from 10 to 75 in one session, and the DM decided to roll with it. He'd like the character's build so he can use the character as an NPC later on, and I am so overwhelmed with what I can potentially do, even within the campaign's book limitations, that I definitely need help deciding what classes to take.

How the hell did that happen? If it's from gaining a boatload of XP, there's a line in the XP rules that say you only gain one level at a time (i.e. if a level 1 character were to gain 10,000xp, he wouldn't hit level 5, he would instead stop at level 2, at 2999 XP - one shy of level 3).

The game changes a LOT as levels advance, and wildly changes - almost to the point of "just wing it" - as you advance through the epic levels past 20. I don't think we can be of much help here, as you're pretty strongly into houserule territory. All I can say is that punching stuff goes out of style very early on, and you'd be wise to stick to pure spellcasters from here on out.

Likewise, I have no idea what the "lythari" are (it looks like you're using werewolf, but you've done so incorrectly as you've omitted the animal hit dice), and you are already houseruling with that character build, because Monk 4 does not meet the base attack bonus requirement for War Shaper nor for Fist of the Forest. Similarly, you only have 8 levels, not 9, and regional feats are not bonus feats, so you have two more feats than you should have in there.

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DisposableHero_: if [my campaign] has taught me nothing else, it is that with this group, nothing tuned fairly will ever wipe the party

RadicalTaoist: I've been throwing **** at this group that's 5 levels over CRed in DFN, and have yet to wipe the party.

3.5: Definitive Shopping List (gear guide PDF)


5e Eberron homebrew rules (PDF) (Artificer, Warforged, Changeling, Kalashtar, Shifter, Dragonmarks) | Discussion thread

Considering that many groups don't advance from low level to 20th-level with a year of gaming it is really beyond comprehension how you could gain enough XP to advance from 10th to  75th level  in one session.  Something about that just isn't right.
Honest opinion? take 20 levels of sorcerer, the feat ascetic mage, turn yourself into a litch, and then just use the rest of the levels for the evolved undead template which can be applied multiple times. You should wined up with  STR/CHA scores in the 80's, and then you just have to worry about what spell casting shenanigans you want to pull. Otherwise, you may as well pick three base classes, one ten level prestige, and one five level prestige and just use those to save yourself the headache of trying to fit an optimum mixture of various class levels together. Other wise you're looking for some serious brain trauma trying to put that many levels together without getting stupid strong to the point of being bored with your own creation.

Edit:for some reason I adde up 75 levels worth of classes there. don't mined me,it's just been a long day. >.<
My advice? Take twenty-one levels of Wizard(Or seventeen and practiced spellcaster, max ranks in Know:Arcana, and take Epic Spellcasting. That's the end of Epic, Epic Spellcasting is literally the only thing that matters.
Then take some levels of Archivist and Walker in the Waste, because Dry Liches rock. Really, besides getting Epic Spellcasting, you could take the rest of your levels in Commoner and it wouldn't matter.
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Lythari + google = still obscure.
That's doesn't happen very often.

Elf wikipedia:  The first wave of elves to arrive were the green elves, lythari, and avariel.
Races of Faerun + Monsters of Raerun don't say much (no access).

dude named ArcofCorinth @ enworld from 2003 says:
chaotic good elf-werewolves that lack a hybrid form. They can only transmit their "curse" to consenting elves.

How 'bout: phb Elf + 2 or 3 levels of the Werewolf racial template class.

Level 75 sounds kinda "spooky".

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my only question: how the **** did that happen? that were 2794000 XP
Maybe some comination of Druid/Wizard/Beguiler/Cleric/ArcaneHeirphant/UltimateMagus/MT could be used.
Maybe some comination of Druid/Wizard/Beguiler/Cleric/ArcaneHeirphant/UltimateMagus/MT could be used.

I was thinking in the same direction. Arcane Hierophant is from Races of the Wild though, so it might not be allowed.

He seems to be in Warshaper/Monk territory. Maybe Master of Many Forms, the other two levels of Warshaper, the rest of First of the Forest and Nature's Warrior would be a nice 21 levels. Preferably in such a way that you get BAB 16 @ level 20 for maximum attacks.
Then take Collosal and Magical Beast Wildshape as Epic feats. Add some Bard/SublimeChord, Ranger or Rogue and Druid levels, then go into Fochlucan Lyrist and get as many buff spells as you can. Then Mystic Theurge and Ultimate Magus to ramp up the durations and other effects of those buffs. Add more Druid levels or preferalbly Arcane Hierophant levels as possible to boost Wildshape HD caps.

Then turn into a Flying, immune to everything Tarrasque or something like that.

And probably get Epic Spellcasting as well, I hear it's pretty good...

Not the most powerful option, but it seems in line with what he's already had in his character.

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I once asked the question (in D&D 3.5) "Does a Druid4/Wizard3/ArcaneHierophant1 have Wildshape?". Jesse Decker and Andy Collins: Yes and the text is clear and can't be interpreted differently. Rich Redman and Ed Stark: No and the text is clear and can't be interpreted differently. Skip Williams: Lol, it's worded ambiguously and entirely not how I intended it. (Cust. Serv. Reference# 050815-000323)

(scratches heads) ... hmm ... how about just doing a level 75 Commoner ?!

Should be able to get 9s and Epic Spells, and have lots of epic feat slots left over.
Maybe take Martial Monk 2 after level 21 just for the heck of it.

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