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if a warden's ally provokes 3 AoOs from 3 different marked enemies, does the Warden get to use Warden's Fury 3 times, or only once? What if the defender is a fighter, is he limited to one AoO, or can he make one against each target who attempts to attack an ally?

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Warden's Fury is an Immediate action, so you can generally only use it once before you have to wait for your turn to come around and it refreshes.

The fighter (or any other class for that matter) could only make 1 OA because you can only make 1 OA per turn, and all 3 attacks are provoked on his ally's turn. 

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Also, if the enemies are reasonably intelligent they may choose to not take an oppurtunity attack if they know it will do them more harm than good.