Vorel of the Hull Clade

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I'm curious as to why people aren't more stoked about the combo potential of this guy. I mean, check him out:

Vorel of the Hull Clade

With as many counters of all sorts that are floating around this block, as well as the commonality of green,blue, and mana fixing it isn't like it'd be hard to get him into play. 

Interaction with stuff like Gyre Sage, Simic Manipulator, and Fathom Mage is obvious, but what about something like Azor's Elocutors? Combined with a Burst of Strength or two, a single turn win is entirely possible. You could set up a brutal counter engine interacting him with Deadeye Navigator and your evolvers of choice. How about Nimbus Swimmer? How about splashing a little red and using Gleam of Battle to kick start things, getting more milage out of Varolz, the Scar-striped and his scavenge abuse, or abandon Savageborn Hydra's intrinsic counter generation and put that beast to work. 

And at the end of the day, he's still a 1/4 for 3 mana: good early game wall that's outside the range of most dd removal too. 
People aren't that exited because there's already proliferate and proliferate also affects poison counters on players and loyalty counters on planeswalkers. And he's kinda slow to see standard play
i dont think its because of proliferate, since this guy DOUBLES counters and proliferate only adds 1. but theres gilder bairn for doubling and he's easier to cast. as for standard, yeah, he's a bit slow but ive heard the format is slowing down so maybe he'll have a shot?


I'm thinking mostly for standard. And even at a 3 drop, all it takes is a mana dork, cluestone, etc or a Burning-Tree Emessary and you'll see this dude reliably on turn 2. Take into account that, the fact that this block IS a little slower (it's why gruul aggro is so darn effective right now) and that there is a lot of stall around, I could see this guy at the core of an Elocutor win deck. Basically turtle behind Fog Bank, Murmuring Phantasm, or even a blinking Lavinia of the Tenth (man, I never thought I'd miss phasing), or use a pseudo-Esper approach to lock down the board while you pull the Elocutors and counter-pump them for the win. Between the mana fetching and general resiliance of blue/green/x, you could easily set up defenses and have the whole thing ready to activate by turn 5. 
How exactly does Burning-Tree Emissary help you cast Vorel on turn 2?

L1 Judge

Tinder Wall could 

On Entrance; put a land you control owner's hand.

: gather , or .

and tap a creature you control: add or remove

   an underground counter to or from that creaure.

Creatures with underground counters

  can only block or be blocked by

  other creatures with underground counters.

  ~ancient and forgotten dwell


How exactly does Burning-Tree Emissary help you cast Vorel on turn 2?

It's an example of mana fixing and curve stability. It doesn't nescearily help with the cast itself, though the mana you're given is 2/3rds of what you need. A dork or an Arbor Elf has more direct impact. 
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