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If a feat provides a bonus but in the text it says '+X bonus' and not '+X feat bonus', is it considered a feat bonus or an untyped bonus?
If there is no word between '+X' and 'bonus', then it's an untyped bonus.
It doesn't matter what the thing is that provides the bonus.  A feat could provide any kind of a bonus, it is only a feat bonus if it says "feat bonus"
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A case that comes up more might be an implement or weapon where it grants an Enhancement bonus to all attacks made with it, and then might have an encounter or daily power that grants an Item, Power or Untyped bonus.
A couple of specific examples:

1) Staff of Ruin.  When you cast through it, it lets you add an Item bonus to damage equal to its +s (so a Staff of Ruin +3 adds a +3 enhancement bonus to hit, a +3 enhancement bonus to damage, and a +3 item bonus to damage).

2) Battle Harness gives you a Power bonus to initiative equal to its +s.  Weapon of Speed gives you an Item bonus to initiative equal to its +s.  So wearing a Battle Harness (Leather) +3 and holding a Dagger of Speed +3 gives a total of +6 to initiative. 

3) Thunder's Rumble adds a +3 feat bonus to thunder damage rolls in paragon.  Echoes of Thunder adds a +2 bonus (untyped) to damage rolls in paragon if you've hit with a thunder attack power until the end of your next turn.  So if you've already hit with a thunder attack power, and then used another thunder attack power, you'd get a +5 bonus, total.
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