White plume mountain S2 Dungeon of Dread play session report

hi all, here is a session report of my 6, level 5 character in the white plume

After meeting at the swinging axe tavern, A party of adventurers decides that they will march on white plume mountain.

The party includes

Quikforge the Dwarven Fighter and Smith, lover of booze and treasure, Veteran of the isle of dread

Ducky the high elf battlemage and pyromancer, owner of the tavern and the only other survivor of the isle of dread..

Jack Deathstalker: High elven rogue and treasure hunter

Eldric the Outcast: Dwarven battle mage who cast out from his homeland wearing scale mail.

SKullcrusher the human cleric of the lifegiving god of tyr who is on a mission to convert the world.

and Holly littleknight the hafling paladin of the dragon god who claims she is not small but fun size.

Forever known as the chest fumblers

Entering the dungeon with caution they decide down stairs with caution until they meet the gynospinx, after a while they hazard the guess the moon and press on.

They take the left path past the copper walls. as they approach and check for traps with a mage handed pole. They find nothing until the fighter moves close enough and catch fire. not wishing to investigate further the party flees back down to the middle path.

Entering the room of the kelpies, the dwarf fighter is charm and the high elf is grappled and pulled into the water. the rest of the party at this time is ambushed by bugbears. The elven wizard thunderwaves the rogue deeper into the pool and fails to fit the other. The dwarf wizard electrocates the water, failing to take backlash because of resistance.

Skull crusher leaps to the aid of the two using healing spells to prevent death as the bug bears attack the wizard who tried to taunt them while mirror image was cast. The halfling paladin slices into the bugbears.

No one dies, sad but true and they find the hidden +3 chainmail which is now a randomly determined to be an ancient human symbol of power (only +1 armour to nonhumans)

moving up the stairs they spy the tunnel of spirals and the fighter charges in after no traps is found and burst into flames from a flaming arrow at which point two wights attack the wizard in the back. The party managers to overcome the wights with ease despite the cleric being unable to rebuke these undead.

Following this, they listen at the door to hear of an upcoming ambush, they burst open the door and the rogue in one shot takes down the wizard. after which the fighter is slay by the fighter and paladin.

Examining the room, they see a spellbook, the high elven wizard runs for it and grabs before the dwarf. The dwarf says, "i hope you burst into flames". At which point, the spellbook explosive runes goes off dealing 6d6 fire damage to everyone in the room. The High elven wizard had fire resistance.

Scared of this they attempt to retreat to camp but just around the final corner they were confronted by a black pudding. The high elf wizard and paladin think they can dissolve it in alcohol and water respectively. The fighter, cleric and rogue run away knowning there weapons are at risk. The black pudding eats the dwarven wizard scale mail, spell after spell hurt the beast with ray of frost bouncing off harmlessly, the fighter throw an axe out of boredom and splits it in two. The high elf looses a fireball and slays the beast.

escaping with their lives, spell book, two sets of new armour and lost one set of old they return to the cave to make camp.

so i think the conversion works well, it was dangerous, almost fatal. if it wasn't for good planning (a cleric who wants to heal) and luck the rogue would have died to kelpies and the wizard would have been eaten by a pudding. The players are afraid of paths and monsters and act like it matters. I approve. Also this was all done in about five hours with interuptions and a large talk at the inn, so it was quick.

The only issues i have is with xp, it is so low for these dungeons, it all depends on the boss fights. Also level of spells and level of characters, can we please have a new word for spell levels, the number of times i have to explain that level 5 spells can be cast by a level 7 character is an issue.

Anyway, thought, comments

Terrific report. I like the dramatic irony with the explosive runes. If everyone had fun, that's the best endorsement.


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the sequel

tldr: 2 dead. Magic items found and pawned.

The chest rummagers

Ducky the ****ing awesome, High elven battle mage (visiting elemental plane of fire)

Quikforge, Dwarven Fighter and smith

Jack Deathstalker, high elven rogue treasure seeker and guild thief.

Lady Holly Lightknight, Halfling Paladin of Dragons

Eldric the outcast, The disgraced Dwarven wizard

Skullcrusher, Holy human cleric of tyr

Here is a stylised summary

Our heroes rested the night in dead gnoll eye socket and find that Ducky has once again taken a visit to the elemental plane of fire.

They first hit a nearby village in which one enterprising merchant tries to sell Eldric hide armour made of a smelly yak (disadvantage on all charisma checks), for 10 times its price. And soap for 200gp (which is 10,000 times its price).

Eldric smash the counter with his war hammer and the merchant ran away, and they stole his fortune (12sp, 3 cp)

Meanwhile, Skullcrusher began to preach to the fishing village to repent and worship tyr.

Failing this they went into the dungeon, encounter two gargoyles which were expertly dispatched before much trouble could be had.

They solve the gynospinx riddle. They go into the chamber which once had the young lady wizard.

The paladin with her detect magic, detect the enchantments on the chamber and that all the beautiful items of the room are false and that the chest is bound with evocation magic. They debate how to get the chest open when Eldric suggests using the dead wizard's hand to open it in case the magic is linked to her. The Rogue want to disarm it but before that can happen, the Quikforge opens it with the Wizard's hand and is engulfed in a stink cloud of poison which his dwarven nature minimizes.

Return to the corridor they search for traps and find a door with a gasket to make it water tight. they open it with mage hand to find a 2nd identical door, some search later and they open, to reveal a third identical door.

Opening the door and carefully examining, the rogue determines this is be under some bubble of boiling water and see a giant crab, bigger than a roc, guarding a treasure chest.

The Rogue stealth attack and runs away from the beast, the other hiding down the corridor come past. the wizard eldric, casts haste a run full sprint up the tunnel (100ft). The dwarven fighter Quikforge goes to engage the beast. The Paladin and Cleric stay behind the safety of the 3rd door with the paladin try to command the beast but it's enchanted ring prevents all mind magic.  The crab is hit by The crab strikes and knock out the wizard in a single blow while the other dwarf holds his mettle. Quickforge, Honourable dwarf and fighter picks up his fallen conrade and takes him to the cleric before going back with his throwing axes for the dragon. Eldric then fires his scorching rays but the beast dodges some of the beams and a hissing noise can be heard.

Jack cast mage hand on the chest, opens it and takes it content, a richly ornate trident and bring it too him. In his rage the crab tries to grab for it a fails. Jack grabs the trident ,finds it is a most holy weapon of Poseidon and it will grant power for those who swear fealty to the sea god and does his will (so for preaching and disfigering people, he'd have a plus three trident with the ability to breath underwater, talk to and command fish, and summon cubes of force). Jack retreats, down the tunnel and so does Eldric with Quikforge alone fighting the beast.

Eldric let use spheres for fire, quikforge strikes with axes until, the bubble burst and the room is flooded with boiling water. Skullcrusher slams the door before it is hit with a wave of boling water, but quikforge didn't make it. Unable to breath, being poached from boiling water. He dies think of his beloved ducky, alone in a dungeon, not going cold, but going mad from the heat, Admiring his perfect Armour, his life's work and how it did not save him. Floating to be the food of the crab. Defeated by the loss of his treasure, the party deems the crab slaying and the quest for Wave complete.

They leave the dungeon with a heavy heart and make it back to town. Since no one wishes to serve Poseidon, they sell it back to the pirate lord who owns it for 500 pieces of platinum. They immedentialy divide the loot and buy armour (Eldric gets dragon scale, Jack, a Mithrel shirt) and return a drink at the Swinging axe, The forge outside now quite and cold.

They meet a high elven wizard, a blonde male dressed in the manner of a pirate who wants treasure and joins the chest rummagers. Meanwhile, Skullcrusher the sage finds out the tunnel is probably a microwave of some type, using heat induction to heat metal by talking to the local magister.

They return to White Plume Mountain, and go to the copper corridor. Eldric charges forth while the rest of the party forsake their armour and weapon to attack. Eldric falls just after the tunnel burst into flames, drowning in two foot of water when he is attack by 8 ghouls.

Laucian cast web and fireball to dispatch the ghouls while the cleric heals and the paladin fails to control the undead. The Rogue helps thin the ranks. The rogue brings all the metal up with mage hand. and the party dons their Armour to continue.

They enter a room with two pits of rusty spikes, which Laucian cast Spider Climb on the paladin who scales the roof to the other side, finding the far wall is an illusion with a door behind it. She brings a rope across and the rest of the party climbs across. Laucian stumbles on the rope, and falls landing on a frictionless surface and slides into a pit, which cause his jaw to lock and before anyone can do anything, he convulses and dies implying himself in a fit caused by super-tetanus. The party morns another loss and waits before looking properly in the illusioned area (which the new character will be in, and ducky)  
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