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Walked into my buddies house and they are having a doubles match. Our way of playing is you share one General between the 2 teammates and the rest of the rules stay the same. By the time I arrived the battle was half way over. 1 team was composing though. Apparently they were down to 12 morale and had never even engaged in physical combat. Turns out the other team had a total of 7 Terrifying Revelations between the 2 of them. They hadn't been through all of them, but the other team was really mad. Now they want to change the rules saying between the 2 people on a team you can only have a total of 4 of the same cards.
If you're playing only 1 commander per team, it's probably a good idea to have a maximum limit of 4 for any given card.

Yeah thats what we took from it.
Yeah, definitely make a rule out of that exploitation; it's not even a game if someone exploits a rule and wins unfairly.  Besides, just don't play if the other guy doesn't agree with you right?


Custom warband construction limits you to 4x of any given card. Last page of the rulebook.
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