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is your Thalia keeping you from running Unflinching Courage?
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is your Thalia keeping you from running Unflinching Courage?

I actually have not yet incorporated Dragon's Maze cards in yet. I'm getting all my DM stuff in the mail sometime this week so I haven't looked into those cards completely yet. Because I know I'd like to put a Voice of Resurgence mixed with Emmara Tandris into this deck as well. But haven't looked too much into uncommons and commons.

The good DGM cards for Selesnya are:

Voice of Resurgence
Advent of the Wurm

The problem with Unflinching Courage is the usual problem with enchantments: You'll be one removal or bounce away from losing that card. 
T2 Silverblade Paladin, T3 Sublime Archangel is a game winner.
Should try to put more of them in there. 
There is definitely an argument for -2 Restoration Angel, -1Sigarda, Host of Herons, +3 Sublime Archangel. However, it's no more an automatic game winner than any other card. She succumbs to a Searing Spear before attacking and a Selesnya Charm afterwards.
Yeah Unflinching Courage looks good but a removal spell would do the trick. And Sublime Archangel is good too. I find if my Restoration Angel Thragtusk combo works pretty well I don't have to worry too much about life gain. But I sideboarded Thragtusk because it seems to never work in FNM. Just casual play will it be extremely good. But Thalia, Guardian of Thraben is the main reason I won't put more spells. Obviously. But if I dropped her then I could put more spells like Advent of the Wurm and Voice of Resurgence.
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