did any one else get really warped cards?

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i just got Heart of Cormyr, and Curse of Undeath both ot them new with really warped cards
I have got a couple with cards and tiles that were warped. but just bend them straight.
All of my cards are warped, as are all of the cards from the adventure system board games. It's one of the few things that annoy me about WotC's games. The cardstock is very poor compared to any of the collectible card games. Sleeving them helps a bit.
All mine were warped too but I found it was easy to fix by grabbing stacks of about 20 cards and gently flexing them back into shape. The other thing I've done is arrange the cards into a grid of stacks of 10 and then piling some heavy text books on top of them and leaving them for 24 hours. Straight as glass after that.

I think the problem is the paper thin cardstock they are using. I suspect the ink is drying differently on one side than the other and as a result the thin cardstock is warping. But the good news is that it's fixable.
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