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An idea for wizards that have Magic Missile.  I hope it's not too overpowered.  This is a heroic tier feat.

Magic Missile Salvo
Prerequisite:  Wizard, Magic Missile at-will attack power
Benefit:  Instead of firing a single Magic Missile at a single target, you can fire a number of Magic Missiles equal to your Intelligence modifier at a like number of targets.  Each Magic Missile deals the base amount of damage to each target.  Each Magic Missile can only be targeted at a single target; you cannot launch two such Magic Missiles at the one target.

My idea is that if 3 goblin minions have gotten through the defenses and are charging the party's wizard, he can dispatch all three of them with a single casting of Magic Missile (minion defined as an enemy with a single hit point, under the rule that a miss never damages a minion).  However, if there were only 2 goblin minions, and the wizard chose to use Magic Missile in this manner, he could not fire two such missiles at one, and one at another.  However, he could send Missile #3 at a far away enemy.

Overpowered? Underpowered?  Questions? Comments?


A 1st level wizard is usually going to have an Int mod of at least +3, and +4 is much more common, with Int-bonus races often starting at +5. This modifier goes up as the character gains levels.

Minions usually appear in groups of about four. They are automatically destroyed by Magic Missile, which has a range of 20.

In short, this turns Magic Missile into a "auto-pop all minions on the battlefield" power, with the substantial bonus of dealing automatic damage to (potentially) several non-minion creatures, and the positioning of those creatures isn't even a factor.

That would be too much for an encounter power, nevermind an at-will effect, and it would probably be dodgy even as a daily because of the way it bypasses most tactical limitations.
It is too overpowered as-is, but it might be a good Epic tier feat to let you shoot two at a time.
agreed.  probably wouldn't make it a feat,though, just make it 2 missiles in Epic similar to how most at-wills double their damage dice.  nobody is casting it at 21st because it picked up 2 extra damage, but double the amount of missiles would be cool.

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Given that at epic tier, the base damage is 5, if a wizard can fire off 2 such Missiles, it probably would work.  If he's still hanging onto Wizard's Fury at that point, he can fire off up to 4 such missiles, but only at 4 different targets.  And at Epic level, there's probably not going to be too many minions, unless they come in waves.
How about 1 additional missile at 6th, 11th, 16th, and 21st levels (to a maximum of 5 missiles) but all targets must be in an area burst 2 within 20? That would make it quite effective against larger numbers of minions as the wizard levels up, but without being *too* broken in a tactical sense. Oh, and the wizard can only target 1 creature per missile, add Int modifier and enhancement bonuses to only 1 missile per round. Hm, would get a bit fiddly with that, but still not too bad. 
Still too powerful imo, considering it can't miss.
If you dig into the old rules and old char ops you will find something called the missle commander. I can tell you, if you gave me that feat, I could make a ~90 DPR wizard at the mid paragon point. Adding items that enable MM to push (techniques to boost push/pull/slide), would could be seeing push and 15+ damage as an effect! Not including secondary effects and cheese plays.

We already have something similar to this, though it takes some questionable haggling to acheive. Rapid Shot + Weapon/Implement + Magic Missile = feat described above. There might be some wizard encounter powers that do something similar. 

I wouldn't mind thowing that to a player at a home game, because it doesn't do anything that a wizard couldn't already do with some cleaver character building. However you might watch out if you have a crafty player in your group who could use it as a short cut to something terrifying.
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