Is there a 4e Hastur?

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I feel guilty asking this, but is there a 4e version of Hastur? Homebrew, part of a supplementary book, anything.
There are plenty of unnameable entities in D&D mythos, but nothing concrete for a pure 4e Hastur.

You could make one, but the concept of the great old ones is that they are beyond knowledge and comprehension. Just the very sight of one should be traumatizing enough that you're either driven irrevocably mad on the spot, or if you're lucky, you die. If you want to include Hastur as an enemy, a grand high priest acting as an avatar like the King in Yellow would be more appropriate than Hastur himself. Hastur should be a background element, a great mcguffin that the enemies seek out to conquer/destroy the world with its insanity. The PCs stop them, or they, and quite possibly the whole world, are doomed. He may appear as a feeling of wrongness or unexplainable terror, but never to manifest in physical form, and most certainly never fought. The dread a great old one invokes loses its value towards driving the feel home when it becomes something the PCs can face head to head and win against.

Pick up a copy of the Shadowfell supplement and use the Despair Deck to help add a depth of mechanical fear and wrongness to the games as you get closer and closer to understanding He Who Shall Not Be Named.

Hope this helps. Happy Gaming
is there a 4e version of Hastur?

Maybe here

You could always start with the 3e Hastur as a guide to make a 4e one.
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is there a 4e version of Hastur?

Maybe here

Perfect, and thank you.