Fly vs Air Walk

What am I missing here? 

Fly is better than airwalk and one level lower (faster pace, same duration).

I see that air walk gives me an extra target when cast above 4th level, but it's worthless AS a 4th level spell because I'll never learn it when I gain 4ths. I'll just take Fly. Probably wouldnt benefit me to take air walk until I can get the whole party (14th level I think). And even when I finally learn Air Walk at 14th level and cast it on the whole party, why is it that it still sucks at speed compared to fly, a 3rd level spell, when I'm casting Air Walk as a gat durn 7th!
You seem to be missing that no class can use both Fly and Air Walk. Air Walk is divine, and Fly is arcane. Unless I'm missing something, there is no crossover betwene the two.
I realized I was looking on the wrong short list when I posted this, and hoped that this thread would die quietly in the night, unnoticed. 
And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids! 
If you want something dead you better coup de grace.
Trickster Clerics get Fly as a Domain Spell.

Vampire Class/Feat in 2013!

I prefer Next because 4E players and CharOpers can't find their ass without a grid and a power called "Find Ass."

And Arcanist Clerics can learn Fly as a domain spell too. I guess there is a point to this thread. Point being: Fly is a superior spell and if your Cleric is able to prepare it and plans to do any aerial movement, you should use it instead of Air Walk.
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