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I recently started DMing a 4th edition game, and since it's my first time DMing 4th edition decided just to roll with the h1-h3 modules.  Does anyone know of an over arching story that can connect them?  is someone more creative than me willing to suggest some ideas to me?  any help would be greatly appreciated.
intro duce the villan from h-3, while you run h-1, and h-2. have him exit each time. and use a dm screen, so they can never actualy hit the guy.

Troll king

All of the modules have a story hook that leads you to the next module. You find a letter from a Hobgoblin envoy in Keep on the Shadowfell which leads you to the Hobgoblins in Thunderspire Labyrinth. The main villain in Thunderspire has a map leading to "a great power" hidden in the Pyramid of Shadows.

The connecting story arc between the three is not important so long as the characters feel connected. This will require some rewriting of the fluff on your part.

For example: While the PCs are dealing with the Keep on the Shadowfell, one of their friends is ambushed on the road from Fallcrest to Hammerfast. The players return to Fallcrest to find their friend missing, and investigate. Their investigation leads them to the Hobgoblins in Thunderspire Labyrinth, who have since sold their friend to the Duergar.

To lead into Pyramid, I took the Dragonborn bandit on the first level and made him into a plot hook. I made him a member of the clan of one of my players, and the clan leaders instructed him to capture the bandit and return him for justice. The bandit's trail led to the Pyramid, and once in, the Pyramid needed to be solved for them to get out.

Bear in mind, the Pyramid can be pretty relentless. I suggest changing the character of one of the groups inside so that they have a respite. I took the chaos cultists and made them into refugees. The foulborn priests became Githzerai monks, and the cultists were the people that wandered into the path of the Pyramid and became trapped, the monks rescuing those they could and bringing them to the sanctuary. The monks offered them a place of relative safety. I still gave full experience for peacefully interacting with the monks and their charges, making it a skill challenge for the PCs to have a safe place to rest.
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