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I posted this question in the general 4e discussion section and did not get much response.  I have noticed that this section gets better traffic and has a group of helpful enegized participants.  Please forgive my double posting.  It is not technically a rules question, but has some rules aspects to it.

A player of mine made the following request:

There is a paragon feat called "Twofold Pact" which effectively lets a warlock get a 2nd pact. The only requirements being 11th level and having an Eldritch Pact already - so pretty much, any Warlock can get it.

BUT - because I am a Hexblade Warlock, my pacts aren't "eldritch" pacts. This feat was designed before hexblades existed, so it doesn't scale to the new warlock class.

The question is - as you can guess - can I get a "Hexblade" version of the feat that does the same thing? Pretty much, can we modernize the feat? 
I am inclined to say yes, but my DM sense is tingling.  Does anyone have any comments, concerns or suggestions? 
By the actual rules, which is what this forum is dedicated to, no.

If you want to houserule it is a different question. The Hexblade is not a powerful class to begin with and this is unlikely to make much of a difference, so....
What would be the point in getting a different pact for a Hexblade?  You would have to choose between using one weapon or the other and your at-will and special encounter power from each pact requires the use of that pact's weapon.

So, taking a feat like this for a Hexblade would be a trap, I would say. 
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