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If I cast prey upon and then cast reverberate on prey upon, will the fight happen twice if I cast it on the same creature? 

Thanks in advance!
Prey Upon has targets, and when you make a copy with Reverberate, you're able to choose new targets. You can choose two different creatures if you like, or change only one of the targets, or change none of the targets.

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Thanks! I just wasn't sure if prey upon would resolve before reverberate therefore making it an illegal target If I place it on the same creature.  have an idea for a deck where I cast 2 prey upon on the same creature. Thanks for your time and quick response.
Note, that the fight will only happen, if both creatures are alive when the spell resolves (this goes for copy and original alike). If copy and original target the same creatures and both die due to the first fight (initiated by the copy of Prey Upon), the original will be countered by the game rules for having no illegal targets.

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Thanks for clarifying! My idea will not work then. Appreciate your time.
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