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so in our 4e campaign we  rule clerics command word like it is in 3.5 because we all just love the applications in roleplay. and we rule that powers such as a warlocks touch of command(and we are very specific on this rule just depends on how its flavor text is and what the power does) can be used in a touch attack, instead of a reaction to being attacked. but if a cleric PC used command word on me to do something such as kneel or fall, what would happen if i used my touch of command to counteract that demand? both being of a dominating power sort of thing...something tells me explode.
The key is for the cleric to make the warlock kneel BEFORE he's close enough to touch him, lol.
A rogue with a bowl of slop can be a controller. WIZARD PC: Can I substitute Celestial Roc Guano for my fireball spells? DM: Awesome. Yes. When in doubt, take action.... that's generally the best course. Even Sun Tsu knew that, and he didn't have internets.
while that would work i was meaning more along the lines of the warlock using touch of command on himself to countermand that command.

sorry for the confusion i should have clarified.
I'd just go with 'last effect used wins'.  So the cleric would make you (X), then you'd un-X yourself.
see thats what i was thinking, cause the domination powers has been used to allow the body to move when normally it would not be able to, such as when struck with a paralyzing poison a player has used a daily save end domination effect on themselves to move before they were completly paralyzed.
Two things:

1. You cannot choose your actions while dominated, and your dominator can only select at-will actions for you. Touch of Command wouldn't kick in unless you used it in response to your dominator hitting you with the power that dominates you (in which case you have a hilarious situation that involves. . . I don't know. Because you don't have to take actions to control a dominated foe, you're both still dominated and capable of controlling the other. No turns on your action until you break the dominate, and unless there's a condition in the dominate on you that you can command the attacker to violate with an at-will option, you'll just be trading turns until somebody's dominate expires. XD)

2. Dominated creatures do not ignore conditions on themselves; if you are immobilized, you don't leave your square unless pushed/pulled/slid, whether or not you're dominated. A paralyzing poison would need to be counter-acted before a dominated creature could take actions that it blocks.