Twofold Pact Feat for Hexblade?

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A player of mine made the following request:

There is a paragon feat called "Twofold Pact" which effectively lets a warlock get a 2nd pact. The only requirements being 11th level and having an Eldritch Pact already - so pretty much, any Warlock can get it.

BUT - because I am a Hexblade Warlock, my pacts aren't "eldritch" pacts. This feat was designed before hexblades existed, so it doesn't scale to the new warlock class.

The question is - as you can guess - can I get a "Hexblade" version of the feat that does the same thing? Pretty much, can we modernize the feat? 

I am inclined to say yes, but my DM sense is tingling.  Does anyone have any comments, concerns or suggestions? 
It won't break anything. Though depends how much you want that feat to  give.

Obviously you cant get the +damage  feature of the new pact. You probably also shouldnt get the the encounter powers of the pact.

Getting the option of the other blade and its at-will + option to summon the new pacts summons instead of your originals wont create issues. Have the the pact boon that that triggers from an enemy dieing be the one for whichever blade you are currently manifesting.

Heck you could have all powers simply 'swap' to be whatever current pact blade's ones are, but that can be a big complex. Beyond a tiny bit of versatility it wont break the game still, the hexblade really isnt that overly powerful.  
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