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Sorry if I missed it, but I can't find a MM thread. Is there one? My group doesn't play 4e, so to be honest, I don't even know if 4e has an MM - I just assume it does.

If there is a MM forum, could someone link it?  Thanks for your patience.
There is no forum or sub-forum specifically for the 4e Monster Manual.  And yes, 4e does have a Monster Manual.  Three of them, in fact.  Plus additional monster resources.  Do feel free to start a discussion in the appropriate forum though.  Since you're not playing 4e, I would assume that Previous Edition General might be what you're looking for.  Though that's just a guess.
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It also depends what you want to discuss about the MM. For example the DM forum may also suitable if you're trying to figure out how to built good encounters and enemies.
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