Bracers of Mighty Striking

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I am wondering if the +2 damage bonus from the Bracers of Mighty Striking apply to powers that you:

  1. "can be used as a melee basic attack" (e.g., Sonnlinor's Hammer)

  2. "can be used in place of a melee basic attack" (e.g., Fel Strike, at the end of a charge)

1. Yes because they're used as melee basic attack.
2. No because they're used in place of melee basic attack.

From the forum FAQ, if desired:
"If a power counts as a Basic Attack, is it affected by everything that effects a Basic Attack? The concensus is that if the power is worded as 'in place of', is not an actual Basic Attack. However, if it is worded as 'Counts as' or 'can be used as' it is a Basic Attack and is affected by anything that affects Basic Attacks."
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