Shadow Step and Wall of Fire

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In a game yesterday, I had a player who's vampire/assassin was immobilized in a wall of fire similar to this:


Where A is ally, V is the character in question, F is the fire wall, and B is baddie.  T is where he teleported to.

As he was immobolized, he could not get out of the wall of fire, so he used shadow step to teleport to the square on the other side of the ally surrounded by beasties.  Shadow Step merely says you must be adjacent to a creature, and then you can teleport 4 squares to a space adjacent to a creature.  The fluff text is you step into the 1st creature's shadow and out of the 2nd creature's shadow.

2 questions:
1) Does being IN the wall of fire block his line of sight to everywhere (and conversely, does anyone have line of sight to him?
2) Assuming he has line of sight, could he have used shadow step in the manner above? 

It seems legal per technical rules, but against the fluff/spirit of the power (which I realize is not important necessarily).  It just seems...unusual.  I ruled in his favor.  What would you have done and why?
1: No, unless the specific power says it does.

2: Yes, it works fine.  And as far as I can tell, is entirely within the flavour of the power.  What makes you think it isn't?
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Wall of Fire blocks line of sight, and teleport needs line of sight.  The flavor of the power is he steps into his ally's shadow (on one side of the wall of fire) and then teleports to another creature's shadow on the other side of the wall of fire (which blocks the line of sight, thus negating the teleport ability).

Again, it is a fluff/spirit of the power issue, although whether he has any line of sight is still up in the air.  
Fluff text isn't rules text, so it isn't applicable to determining what a power can or can't do.

Being within the wall he has line of sight to any space except other spaces within the wall.  As per the Line of Sight rules on RC 106, you pick a corner of the user's space and trace a line from that corner to any part of the target's space (or in this case, the target square).  As long as the line doesn't touch or pass thorugh any blocking effect, he has line of sight.
  The Assassin only needs LoS to the target teleportation square. He doesn't actually need LoS to either the adjacent creature at the start of the teleport, or to the creature adjacent to the target square, because neither creature is targeted by the power, and the power doesn't state that he needs LoS to either creature.

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