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Hi everyone, after a little searching I wasn't able to find any help so I thought I'd fire the question of here.

Is there any information about lawyers / legal experts in the realms? I know Tyr is worshipped by many judges and lawyers but are there any more specifics? Im making a character bio and I want to be as detailed as possible.

Are they called lawyers? Something else? Can any source book help me out?

I'm sure it's dependent on the city, but there has to be some more info about them somewhere.

Are there any law schools in Faerun? Any universities at all for that matter? Colleges for anything other than magic?

Thanks everyone. Any info would be helpful!
Hi, funny you should ask, because I was about to post a quite similar question and did post one in the Candlekeep forums. The fact that professions in the Realms have been discussed by Ed's latest articles on forging the Realms makes me wonder about barristers and lawyers in the Realms, especially because legal thriller-style games may be quite interesting. Additionally, I wonder if there orders of the deities with the law domain throughout the centuries (Amaunator, Tyr...) have legal transnational enforcement and judicial powers and so are entitled to prosecute "international criminals." Are there famous prisons in the Realms? Thanks!
justiciars, magistrates........
a mask everyone has at least two of, one they wear in public and another they wear in private.....
During Piergeiron's rulership over Waterdeep, he essentially banned professional lawyers ("No one should get between a man and his justice." was the quote I believe), though advocates were allowed if one or both of the parties involved in a case so chose to employ them. They were more like skilled orators, rather than legal experts from my understanding, and were considered pretty entertaining by the people.  Keep in mind that Piergeiron was a paladin of Tyr, and that the church in general favored a far, far, far simpler approach to justice than our legal system would ever entertain the notion of, as in Trial by Combat/Ordeal/Whatever was still pretty acceptable to the church prior to the Spellplague. How that approach fared under Torm's subsuming of Tyr's portfolio and followers I could not speak to, but I don't imagine it changing all that much.  As far as Waterdeep in concerned, I very much doubt that notion carried over into the current administration.

As to the best stuff I've seen on Law and such in the Realms, I'd recommend 2e's City of Splendors boxed set if it can be found, and 3e's Power of Faerun, and of course there's always Ed Greenwood's Forgotten Realms. which has a bit on the subject if you don't mind inferrence from subtext.  How relevant either of those first two (the third isn't tied to any edition per se) actually are to you depends on what era you play in, but your mentioning Tyr makes me think they might be what you're looking for.

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